Crush – An EGG FREE Mayo!

Yes, I love to eat out, but I also like to eat in. Sometimes I even like to just snack on something quick and easy, yet I am still at a loss as to who buys some of those frozen foods… like Potato Wedges?!  Yes everyone loves them.. but they are so easy to make.. why buy frozen ones???

For a while now now, I have been making my wedges using Crush Rapeseed Oil, with the only decision being what dip I will have with them. So when I heard that Crush are now producing a Mayo, well I had to try it out… but wait.. its EGG FREE???  How does that even happen.

Mayo producers sometimes substitute the egg in Mayo to produce one that it suitable for people with allergies (Or for Vegans of course). A substitute protein is still required in place of the egg to make the oil emulsify, and usually this is a soya protein, however Stephen at Crush has decided to use ‘Pea Protein’ instead..  but I don’t even really like peas!!

Crush’s new EGG FREE Mayo comes in Garlic or Chipotle Flavours.

So to really test these, I get to making some quick wedges, Maris Piper Potatoes, obviously cut up with my amazing IO Shen Maoui Deba Knife, which I had to include seeing that it won ‘Housewares Innovation Award 2016’ at last nights award!

I drizzle the potatoes with Crush Rapeseed Oil (I loved the Smoked Chilli) and a sprinkling of Za’atar, which really gives them great flavour and texture.

These are then simple baked in the oven for 30 Min’s at 180c until golden brown and crispy.

Now for the Mayo Taste Test…….

For today, I decided to stick with the Garlic Mayo, as I use Chilli Oil on the wedges.

I have to say, I was incredible surprised..  It doesn’t taste of peas for starters.

The texture is less thick than many Mayo’s, but it has a great colour and smells Divine.

You get an instant Garlic hit, which is intense, but satisfying. It is creamy and was a perfect accompaniment to the wedges, yet left a clean citrus after taste.

As I am currently getting over a cold, I am limiting diary products, so this Mayo with the aid of the Garlic was a massive hit for me.

Cant have mayo without egg you say…..  what til you try this.

Crush Foods is based in Norfolk and uses local produce, you can find their website at


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