Dishoom announces Manchester Opening Date – And 50% off Soft Launch

The long awaited opening of Dishoom Manchester in Manchester Hall has finally been announced.


The Iranian Cafe restaurant will officially open its doors on Thursday 6th December with a soft launch running from 9am Sunday 25th November until 4pm Wednesday 5th December.

During the soft launch, they will be offering 50% off Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners – Walk Ins Only.


The breakfast menu will include Dishoom’s famous Bacon Naan Roll and Sausage Naan Roll. Then there’s Keema Per Eedu: a Parsi power breakfast of eggs and spicy chicken keema studded with delicate morsels of chicken liver; Irani café staple Akuri: spicy scrambled eggs, with soft home-baked bread buns; and plentiful (bottomless!) House Chai.

Nihari Biryani
Nihari – a famously hearty and robust dish – is synonymous with celebration. Made into a biryani, it is doubly so. This indulgent special sees tender shank of lamb layered with rice and caramelised onions then sealed beneath a pastry blanket. It is then enriched further with kaleji (chicken liver), raita and nihari gravy on the side.

After a few visits to Dishoom I can highly recommend many of their dishes, especially the Vada Pau which always reminds me of travelling on trains in India.

Authentic curries, gunpowder potatoes and tikka galore – the menu at Manchester Dishoom will definitely not disappoint, that’s for sure.

As with all Dishoom restaurants, for every meal served at Dishoom Manchester, the team will donate a school meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry. A meal for a meal. Dishoom work with two fantastic charities – the Akshaya Patra Foundation in India and Magic Breakfast in the UK – who provide nourishing meals to children in schools. So far, Dishoom has donated over 5 million meals (… and counting!)

Each Dishoom also has its own signature cocktails, one of Manchester’s includes the:-

Beram’s Cobbler

Manchester Special Drinks_Berams_cobbler
Named in honour of the dapper Parsi vigilante, master of disguise, and one of the stars of the Dishoom Manchester story. Sultry tropicality of mango and pineapple meets dry manzanilla in a transcontinental crossing.

Reservations are now being taken for 7th December onwards via Groups of any size (up to 14) may book during the day. After 6pm, only groups of 6 or more may book. Walk-ins are always welcome.
Opening hours:

• 8am–11pm (Mon to Thurs)
• 8am to 12pm (Friday)
• 9am to 12pm (Sat)
• 9am to 11pm (Sun)

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