The Secrets of Afflecks Tour – 1st June

Manchester’s indie shopping institution Afflecks is throwing open its doors for a public tour that includes a behind the scenes look at the world-famous emporium. 

Afflecks has teamed up with well-known writer and guide, Jonathan Schofield, to host two specialist tours, uncovering some of the incredible history behind this iconic building, unlocking its secrets and explaining its huge role in the city’s heritage.   

The new guided tour takes in all the best things about Afflecks and the Northern Quarter… Starting off in Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter it captures the art, the mood and the architecture of this fascinating area and then takes in Afflecks for an extended visit. 

Attendees on the tour can expect to go behind the scenes to the ‘floor where the public don’t venture’ on the fourth level. They can expect surprises, fascinating interiors, and to discover secret artworks, hidden theatres and mysterious locations. 

The tour party will be free to explore and shop at Afflecks under their own steam afterwards and will receive special tour discounts from some of the traders. 

Jonathan Schofield is the city’s best-known tour guide. Journalist, author and Blue Badge Tour Guide, Jonathan’s knowledge of Manchester – its buildings, secrets, stories and its part in the wider world – is unparalleled. 

As author of ‘Manchester: Lost and Imagined’, ‘The Manchester Guide Book’ and now ‘Manchester: Illusion & Change’, his fascinating and entertaining tours of the city and its most interesting buildings are the most popular in the region. 

Both Afflecks and Jonathan are keen to uncover more memories of Afflecks from the people of Greater Manchester.

Afflecks are calling for fans of the emporium to share their memories and photographs of Afflecks for a publicly curated exhibition that’s planned for the summer. “Through the Eyes of Afflecks” will be a photographic history of the building taking place within Afflecks – its businesses, personalities and the huge influence it’s had on the city – to celebrate the 11-year anniversary since local property company Bruntwood took over the building and saved it from closure. 

Tickets to The Secrets of Afflecks and The Northern Quarter are £10 and available

Attendees will meet outside Fred Aldous (M1 1LW) in Stevenson Square at 10.30am on Saturday 11 May and Saturday 1 June. The tours last approximately 1.5 hours. 


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