Ducie Street Warehouse – Brunch

Ducie Street Warehouse – Brunch

For months we sat indoors, unable to venture to out to our favorite restaurants and bars, dreaming of a time when once more we can enjoy food prepared by professionals, where we could sit and dine, without worrying about the prep or clearing up the mountains of mess created in its production.

When lockdown eased and many of the venues re-opened, I started to venture back out with caution.

Everywhere I have been so far seem to have adopted carefully thought out processes to help everyone stay as safe as they can reasonably be, with one of those being the Ducie Street Warehouse, where I was recently invited to try out the new brunch menu.

The menu is available on a Sat and Sunday from 10am-2pm, which for me is a perfect brunch time.

Treated upon entry, our contact details were already held on the booking for any track and trace requirements, we were met with a smile and shown to our table.

Our server pointed out the now common site of a QR code on the table, which when scanned with a smartphone camera, takes you to the menu on their website.


To be honest, I am really hoping that this is one great idea that stays around. Having been sat for a while waiting for menus to be bought over at various venues, I find the online version very convenient and easy for the venue to keep up to date.

Browsing through the menu there are the usual favorites, from the full cooked (DSW) breakfast (£13.50), that India opted for, to Eggs Royale, which is not only topped with hollandaise but also Keta Caviar (£13.50).

For me the dish that shouted out from the menu was the Steak and Eggs (£15) with ChimChurri.

Thin slices of steak cooked medium packed a flavour punch, with the ChimChurri adding that extra hit, topped with a perfectly cooked egg with runny yolk.

Indias breakfast was also a hit. She opted not to have the black pudding, and so I asked for this on the side for myself, why would you let such beauty go to waste!

Again a perfectly cooked egg is paired with an very tasty hash brown, hand made sausage, grilled tomato, crispy bacon and some baked beans.

Whilst its very unusual for me to go out for breakfast or brunch, when I do I want something that’s going to be different to what I would make at home, for me the Steak and Eggs was a real winner.

So if your out and about over an upcoming weekend, why not pop in and check it out for yourself.


I was invited to try out the brunch at Ducie Street Warehouse in exchange for feedback – the review and all thought are those of Manchester Food Tourist


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