Manchester Listed as one of the ‘Spiciest’ cities.

  • New research from Cobra Beer reveals the top 10 most adventurous cities when it comes to trying new foods, with Sheffield, Cardiff and Leeds taking the top 3 foodie spots, with Manchester coming in a close 4th.
  • Cities in Yorkshire emerged as the self-proclaimed spice tolerance champions.
  • Over half of 18 – 34 year olds like it hot as they add spice to most of their meals, compared to only 16% of over 55 year olds.
  • Today Cobra Beer reveals its newly designed look, reinforcing its reputation as the perfect pairing with Pan-Asian cuisine.

New research, conducted by Cobra Beer, reveals the nation’s eating habits and which cities around the UK are most adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and turning up the heat, and it comes as no surprise that Manchester is up there in the top 10!

Top 10 most adventurous foodie cities in the UK

  1. Sheffield 
  2. Cardiff  
  3. Leeds  
  4. London/Brighton
  1. Edinburgh 
  2. Liverpool 
  3. Nottingham 
  4. Manchester
  5. Belfast/Southampton


The survey got a taste of 2,000 people across the nation, from Glasgow to Britain, aged 18 to 55+ to find the nation’s spiciest cities. It was revealed that Londoners are particularly discerning, with 36% admitting that they judge people either positively or negatively based on their tolerance for spice and 19% would find it off-putting if someone can’t handle a kick.

18-34 year olds are standing the heat and staying firmly in the kitchen, with over half (51%) adding spices such as chilli flakes and sriracha to their savoury dishes, where only 16% of those aged 55 and over would do the same.

Some further findings are listed below:

Chinese food tops the polls: 

Chinese cuisine remains the hot pot with 30% of Brits choosing this as their top Asian cuisine. Across the Irish Sea, 41% of Belfast residents and 41% of Northern Ireland residents put Chinese at the top of their list.

But who can handle spice the best? Cities in Yorkshire are the hot spots as the self-proclaimed spice champions, with 59% of Leeds residents and 57% of Sheffield residents claiming to be able to handle standard restaurant spice ratings of 3 or 4 chillies. Further down south, 54% of Londoners confidently claim their ability to handle the heat.  

Top 10 spice connoisseur cities in the UK 

  1. Leeds  
  2. Sheffield 
  3. London 
  4. Manchester 
  5. Cardiff 
  6. Liverpool 
  7. Brighton/Edinburgh
  8. Bristol/Southampton

The research has been conducted to coincide with the reveal of Cobra Beer’s new look, which will be rolled out across its entire range. The new design reinforces its reputation as the perfect pairing with Pan-Asian food and responds to changing consumer tastes. This echoes the demand for contemporary cuisines and dishes that Cobra is designed to perfectly accompany and enrich flavours – such as Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Turkish, Lebanese, and Sri Lankan food.

Cobra has rolled out a new graffiti style design which supports this culinary diversity and the urban foodies looking to elevate their meal experiences. Principally, the new artwork showcases the diversity of spicy food where Cobra is an ideal partner, supporting Cobra’s brand campaign “Where There’s Spice, There’s Cobra”.

Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, Founder of Cobra Beer comments“This research demonstrates the generational shift in the nation’s palate – a love of spice amongst foodies aged 18 to 34 is echoed by an explosion in pan-Asian cuisines across the country. As a beer developed to enjoy with spicy food, Cobra is firmly on the journey with Britain’s evolving taste buds, and I’m delighted to roll out our new look to give our consumers some food for thought.”











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