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I once lived on a beautiful Island in Greece. For the few years that I was there one of the traditions I followed, was to get my hands on some locally pressed olive oil. This was collected and pressed by the children on the island over their winter holidays.. unfiltered and in old water bottles.. To this day, I’ve never had Olive Oil anything anywhere near as good. I used to drizzle it on everything… the good old Mediterranean diet.

Well now I’m back in the UK and those days have passed *sighs*. I still try and keep a good quality Olive Oil at hand always, drizzled over pasta, salad or anything else for that matter.

The trouble with Olive Oil however, is its not great for certain jobs. It has a low smoking point (165deg) so it’s not ideal for high temperature cooking, losing its health benefits when heated. Therefore I keep my Olive Oil for drizzling and dressing and keep an alternative to hand for the high temperature tasks.

Now as Olives are to Greece, Rapeseed is to the UK. I’m sure you’ve all seen the yellow flowers in fields while driving through the countryside, but Rapeseed and vegetable oils in general have been given a bad name in the past.

Rapeseed however is said to be the healthiest of all Vegetable Oils, High in Vitamin E and high in Omega 3 (10 x higher than olive oil).

Rapeseed is also said to have the lowest content of Saturated fat of ALL oils (Half of that of Olive Oil), and that’s great!

Another benefit of Rapeseed is its much higher smoke point, the temperature in which the oil starts to break down and lose its health benefits. So Rapeseed is actually a great choice of oil for cooking,

Perfect for frying, making those amazing hash recipes that are so hearty, warming and British.

A while back I was invited to try a new product by Crush Foods, a smoked chilli oil.

I have used it in all kinds of recipes and loved the flavour, I wrote about how good it tastes and how great it was to cook with, until I’d used it up.

Buying other Rapeseeds in the meantime, and happily using them, I didn’t realise how much I loved the Crush One until I no longer had it.

This Christmas I received a mixed pack of smaller bottles as a gift.. someone had spotted how much I missed them.

Garlic, Smoked Chilli and Fiery Chilli are now back where they belong on my windowsill at close hand, and it won’t be long until they are gone.

I’ll write up more posts as I use them, however for now I can’t stress enough, how great these taste in so many dishes… maybe one with Lemon would be a good idea too Crush?!

Crush Oil and their other ingredients including ‘Egg Free Mayo’ can be found here


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