Kefalonia – The Greek Treasure

You may well have heard of Kefalonia, the Greek Island which is the setting for the film Captain Corelli. It is the lesser visited Island in the Ionian Chain, located South of Corfu and North of Zante. Kefalonia receives gorgeous weather throughout the summer, whilst receiving a good amount of rainfall in the winter. Its... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Reps Life – The Real Story

Many of you have heard me mention my times living abroad - well it all started off by deciding to be a Holiday Rep. This continued for a few years - despite it initially only meant to be for 6 months. I then moved into Tour Leading, Airport Supervisor, Financial Administrator and other varying roles.... Continue Reading →

Travel – City Break to Athens

I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively over the years, but since moving back to the UK, most of my trips now tend to be the odd holiday or weekend/mid-week getaways. This hasn’t stopped me from wanting to get the most out of every trip that I do though. Of course, there’s the... Continue Reading →

The Netherlands – Its Not ALL Amsterdam

I find it amusing that whenever you tell someone that you're going to Holland or The Netherlands for a few days, they immediately assume that you're off to Amsterdam. Having visited The Netherlands a few times in the lasts few years, only one of these has actually included Amsterdam itself, with other trips taking in... Continue Reading →

Premier or Not so Premier Inn?!

I've definitely spent my  fair share of time in hotels, sometimes living in them for 6-12 months at a time. A mixture of living in, holiday and business use of hotels, both in the UK and Overseas, has given me experience of all kinds of standards. Over the last 5 years, since working back in... Continue Reading →

Travel – The Airport Lounge

I've travelled through many airports around the world, even having the pleasure of working in some, but lets face it, they are not the most enjoyable part of any trip or holiday. People are stressed, prices are steep, quality in some is appalling and to top it all off, there are never enough seats. Many... Continue Reading →

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