Homemade:- Simple Corned Beef Hash

Meals like Corned Beef Hash have a reputation of being an easy and cheap meal, but that does not mean that it has to be boring or tasteless. I've made a fair few different variations in my time and recently I have been playing around with recipes that combine flavour with utter simplicity. There have... Continue Reading →

Christmas Burger – Homemade

Its that time of year when everything takes on the same flavours, be it a Christmas Turkey Bake, A Christmas Turkey Sandwich, even a Christmas Turkey Burger - Turkey-Stuffing-Cranberry everywhere!! Usually I'm not tempted by these 'seasonal specials', however last year one really caught my eye..  The Hawksmoor Christmas Burger!! The sight of Turkey, Stuffing,... Continue Reading →

Simply Roast Potatoes (With Chilli)

Everyone loves a roast potato, especially one that's crispy on the outside, whilst nice and fluffy on the inside. They become Even better when you add an extra hit of flavour such as smoked paprika, garlic or rosemary. So when I was sent a new rapeseed oil by Crush Foods, the Smoked Chipotle Chilli Oil,... Continue Reading →

Simple Homemade Pizza

So following yesterdays blog recipe on simple pasta, how could I not follow it up with a simple pizza recipe. Everyone knows how easy it is to put a few toppings onto a pizza base, however it is the base itself that really makes the pizza bad or great. For this recipe, I am using... Continue Reading →

Ravioli – For One

One of my go to dishes when dining alone is Pasta, with today being no different, on this occasion however, I'm opting for home made ravioli. Firstly we need to start with my basic pasta recipe, simply add one medium egg to 90g of Tipo 00 flour. I always mix by hand, use a large... Continue Reading →

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