I’m Dan and I blog.

I guess you could say that I first started blogging over 18 years ago in 2001. I was on a round the world backpacking trip and decided to let people know what I was doing by keeping a record of where I was and what I was doing.

My posts were uploaded to an MSN page known as Travelling Dan. Pictures were few and far between, each one having to be developed and then scanned and uploaded – not the easiest thing to do when backpacking.

After returning home I saw no point in continuing these posts, surely only people I knew read anything I put up, and I now go to see and speak to these in person.

Facebook then started and MSN closed its ‘groups’ along with MSN Messenger – my posts and pictures were deleted forever.

Between 2005-2013 I moved overseas – I had been passionate about travelling since my first trip in 1999 to New Zealand and now I had made the decision to travel more by working for a travel company.

For the next 8 years I travelled from country to country – Holiday Rep in Brazil, Concierge in Mexico, Accounts Clerk in India, Airport Supervisor in Greece and even a Tour Leader in the Middle East.

Throughout the travels, another passion kept growing – and that passion was Food.

I first started cooking at a young age – cooking food for my older brother and his friends when he was meant to be babysitting me – experimenting with anything I could find – all of this at around 9 years of age.

I had many jobs in hospitality throughout my younger days. Cafes, bars, pub kitchens etc, I even almost did an HND in Catering and Hotel Management – however for some strange reason I decided to to a Maths Teaching Degree instead!

That wasn’t to be though and instead of teaching I ended up in Sales – this did end up paying for most of my trips abroad though.

It wasn’t until the extended time working and living overseas that me passion for food was taken to new heights.

Experiencing new cultures and ingredients opened my eyes further and further – Travel and Food were MY thing.

When I moved back to the UK in 2013 I found myself moving to Manchester – I didn’t know anyone apart from my girlfriends family and knew nothing about the area.

After a few years I started to be active on twitter, then within a couple of years I had started to experience the food delights that Manchester offered – finding lots of others that shared these passions and even people that enjoyed reading about my experiences.

I started to want to write a little more than Twitter allowed – and so this blog was launched.

I still wish all those early posts from 2001 were available, I wish I had never stopped writing things up all those years ago, maybe if I had continued, my writing would be much better than it actually is right now, but above all I hope people enjoy the posts and get something out of them.

Oh the name? Well I’m a South Londoner living in Manchester – although I now feel very at home in the City, I felt like a tourist for a very long time – how many others move here or visit here wanting some hints and tips? – The Manchester Food Tourist was born

Thanks for Visting

Dan – AKA The Manchester Food Tourst

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