12 Gifts Of Christmas – Pt 7 – Tea Lover

We’ve had a great gift for Coffee Lovers in our previous piece, but what about those lovers of tea.

My years of travel have seen me try all kinds of tea, be it a mint tea in Africa, Hibiscus in Egypt, Sage Tea in Jordan or Chai Masala in India – each very unique.

Good quality tea in the UK often gets overlooked, but the truth is that great tea is worth its weight in gold. However you don’t find the real deal in your local supermarkets. This is usually filled with a much lower quality tea, made cheaply for everyday drinking.

Thankfully good teas are starting to make a come back in the UK. When going for a good Afternoon Tea for example, you may be given a chest of loose teas from which to choose. Quite often being shown in a ‘Sample Box’, it allows you to inspect and smell the aroma of each individual tea – creating a great experience – but how can you get this same high level of special tea at home?

New to the UK market is Teapins, who produce a range of loose teas for you to enjoy at home.

Their ‘Farmers Tea’ packs for example, are a selection of some of the most popular and original blends.

One of their other options, and one that I have tried, are their ‘Vietnam Delights’

These are a range of teas that connect local Vietnam farmers with tea drinkers from around the globe, each gives you a unique and individual taste of Vietnam.


The Vietnam Delights, Authentic Tea Collection comes as a box of 25 teas and costs £24.99 from Amazon – Check them out here.

Within the box you get 5 Black Teas, 5 Green Teas, 5 Fusion Teas, 5 Herbal Teas and 5 Premium Teas.

The first that I tried, was their premium black tea, nothing added but great quality tea – you immediately know this is a premium product. With a slightly sweet and fragrant aroma, the flavour is complex with a slightly smokey finish. This is definitely a tea that I could drink at night in front of the fire.

All the individual packs contain 100% natural ingredients and they only use whole leaves to maintain full health benefits.

And as they are all individually packed, it ensures that every one is as fresh as possible.

Summer Peach – A black tea with a hint or peach

I like to use a globe infuser with my tea, as I’m an occasional tea drinker I don’t own a pot, but if you do it can be made in that way as well, however you decide to make your tea, it will taste great.

Next I tried one of the Herbal Tea options, Mint and Jasmine really stood out – would it take me back to my days of travelling the globe?

Mint and Jasmine Tea was a real beauty

The peppermint really stood out, the sweet jasmine worked perfectly with the minty finish, this is a tea I could drink throughout the day, or just before bed.

Other Teas included in this amazing collection are:


Cinnamon Chai, Earl Grey Tropic, Traditional Black, Black Tea With Thyme, Chocolate Toffee


Jasmin Thai Nguyen, Pandan, Trad Green, B’Lao Loyus and Oolong Green Teas


Summer Peach, Passion Fruit, Mango Coconut, Vanilla Coconut and Pineapple Orange Fusion Black Teas


Peppermint and Jasmin, Ginger Lemongrass, Tropic Mulberry, Citrus Hurricane and Artichoke Herbal Teas


Pu-erh, Shan Snow, Premium Black, Thai Hguyen Green and Milk Oolong Premium Teas

The truth is whatever type of tea drinking you are, or you know, there is something that everyone will love.

I haven’t yet tried them all, but as I do ill keep you updated on twitter.

So if you want to treat a tea lover with something special for Christmas – get ordering here

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