Apple AirPods Tested

Travelling and holidays are always a great time to test out new purchases, with one of my most recent being Apple Air Pods.

Since their launch, I have wanted a pair, but I have never been able to justify the price. Just before Christmas though, I decided to take the plunge – but was it worth it?

I have had some wireless headphones for a while, however they were a bit chunky, connected by a wire to each other and the battery life meant remembering to charge them every night, this has meant them being replaced by a standard pair of Apple EarPods for a couple of years now – so before buying the AirPods I needed to go and check them out and ask a few questions.

Firstly comfort – The Air Pods fit perfectly in your ear, very much like Apples wired EarPods, which I have been happy with for a while. Running, Jumping or leaning your head to one side, does not dislodge these little pieces of marvel one little bit.

Sound – Trying the AirPods for the first time, I was amazed at the sound quality for something that’s so small and connected by Bluetooth.

Battery – This is where the AirPods really measure up. The magic is in the case, as this is also a portable charging dock. Every time you put them into their case, they recharge. The AirPods themselves last for upto 5 hours, but can last upto 24 hours with multiple charges in the case – and with a 15min charge giving you around 3 hours of playback, these little beauties will last a long haul flight with no issues whatsoever.

So how do these marvels cope with holiday use? Well firstly being wireless, you can leave you phone in your bag, safely out of the sun. You can also skip songs with a simple double tap in your ear. I really wish there was a way to adjust the volume though.

Another great feature which I’m finding useful, is the auto pause/resume when you remove one of the AirPods or put it back in – great if someone starts a conversation with you by the pool (Wanted or not)

Having no wires also makes lounging on a sun-bed a lot more comfortable, with no cables sticking to you.

The Bluetooth has a great range, leaving the sun bed to put your feet into the pool to cool down is no issue. I actually managed to walk around an entire swimming pool without the sound cutting off.

Ive been a little nervous of actually sitting in the pool with them in, just in case one did work loose, although I have seen others in the resort in the pool with theirs in. Apple claim that they are not waterproof and that water damage is not covered by the warranty, but I have also seen claims online that people have put them through the wash accidentally, without any damage – so maybe they are tougher than they claim – I for one would prefer apple to launch some that are certified waterproof though.

So far I have found these to be a perfect holiday/travel gadget and if I ever make it back to the gym on my return, I think they will be just as useful there too!


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