Gin of the Month – Cleddau Gin

The Cleddau runs through Pembrokeshire, West Wales and is known as the ‘secret waterway’, but now it is also the name of a very special Welsh Dry Gin, which I’m sure won’t be kept a secret for very long.

 Developed in collaboration with The Big Retreat Wales, the team behind Cleddau Gin, wanted to bottle their ‘feel-good’ vibe into a great spirit which also captured the location of the Old Castle Site, Lawrenny on the banks of the Cleddau Estury.

Within the old (Now missing) wall of The Old Castle, stands an 18th Century pineapple house, where stone pineapples can still be seen on the walls, and it is these that gave the pineapple inspiration to both the Cleddau Gin flavour and its gorgeous bottle.

Produced by the welsh wind distillery, Cleddau Pineapple Gin is just one of a few gins made in their Copper Still named Meredith.

With its hexagon design and gold wax top, the bottle looks stunning as a table decoration.

On opening the wax seal and then by twisting the bottle, I am hit by its fruity aroma. Pineapple immediately hits you, but in a more savoury than sweet way. Juniper then follows on the nose, along with some other citrus aromas.

At 42% the gin is a proper full strength gin, even if it does give off the initial impression of being a softer spirit with its aromas on the nose.

On the palette the Macedonian Juniper is clearly evident, with the warming pineapple really balancing it out as well as producing a really long finish.

Poured over a few ice cubes, this a great sipping gin and would also make a really interesting martini.

Mixing with tonic, I start with a light version to test out the gin itself. The tonic really opens up the Juniper even more, with the pineapple being less distinguished on the tongue, its smooth and easy drinking, a very light and fresh gin indeed.

Next up I experiment with a Schweppes 1873 which has a grapefruit base note, the citrus element really compliments the gin well, with the pineapple element bringing a sense of warmth that for me shouted out for some spice, so I decided to try garnishing with some green cardamon pods – which was a real winner.

Cleddau Pineapple Gin is available for purchase from The Welsh Wind Distillery for £34.95 for a 50cl bottle, they also offer a unique gin making experience, where you can produce your very own gin.

Both this Gin and the bottle would make for a perfect Christmas Gift, or at any other time of the year.


Cleddau Gin was sent to me to try and review as a complimentary PR sample, the review and all its contacts however are the impartial and honest opinions of Manchester Food Tourist.


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