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The newly refurbished Piccolino’s ‘Grand Cafe’ is yet another welcome sight in Manchester. With an abundance of great Italian Restaurants its good to see that that an effort is being made to keep them fresh and up-to date, even if the decor and name did remind me of San Carlo’s Cafe in Selfidges.

The decor is greatly improved and looks upmarket, and although I had witnessed it earlier at an opening launch, it was good to get to experience it when not crammed full of people.

I have also had bad service here before, but only at the bar…. some staff only like to serve girls and you get ignored. Thankfully, the table service is not like this, and the service on this visit was impeccable.

Food was also great. The Crab Ravioli was fresh and full of flavor, however maybe lacking in Chilli or Black Pepper.

The Rigatoni Alla Agnelo was beautiful with flavor, with the only negative being that the pasta did not taste as fresh, with dried pasta used. However this shouldn’t put people off, as most people don’t make fresh pasta at home on a regular basis.

Pasta is not the only choice however, with a great selection of meats/steaks availible.

Wine choice is also great, with Gavi being available by the glass, which is unusual and a great selection of reds, which keep me smiling.

And if that doesn’t fill you up, the desert choice is just as good.

Overall the food was flavorsome and pleasant, wine was good and the service was impeccable, therefore I give Grand Cafe a Very Good


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