Tried and Tested – AMAZ-IN Liqueur

Did someone say Chocolate??

Along with Cheese, Coffee and Red Wine – Chocolate has always been one of my favourite things, its one of those great ingredients that can differ hugely between different producers and origins.

On this taste test I was lucky enough to be able to try out Chocolate with a difference – this was Chocolate Liqueur called AMAZ-IN, a blend of Chocolate, cream and the finest Rum – but did it take after its name.


I first tried the liqueur on its own, it has a creamy texture with a great hit of great tasting chocolate. In fact I would happily drink this on its own, or poured over ice. I must refrain however as also want to try it in a few cocktails.

The First cocktail that just had to lend itself to a good quality liqueur such as this, had to be a Chocolate Espresso Martini.


I mixed 1 oz AMAZ-IN, 1 oz of Wild Knight Vodka and a shot of Espresso – Shaken with ice. This was a beautiful cocktail, which I made a second time also adding a shot of Espresso Liqueur as well. I liked both equally and it would be down to your individual preference of Chocolate over Coffee or vice versa.

The next cocktail I tried with The AMAZ-IN was a Chocolate Cherry Delight (Inspired by the Australian Chocolate bar Cherry Ripe)


This replaced the Vodka with a Cherry Vodka, the Espresso with Baileys and the Espresso Liqueur with a Cherry Syrup. This was a sweeter cherry flavoured cocktail.

The next cocktail I experimented with, was a My Chocolate Orange. A mixture of AMAZ-IN, Pink Gin from the English Drinks Co and a dash of Orange Juice, again shaken with ice.


I tried this first with a raspberry drink mix instead of orange, this was a bit too sweet and the wrong consistency. The orange Juice worked so much better – Triple Sec could be used if your hardcore!

My final cocktail with AMAZ-IN is a real winner!!


I received a sample of Nelsons Gold…  a beautiful Toffee Vodka made by the guys over at Wild Knight Vodka..  by itself its a delight..  mixed with AMAZ-IN Chocolate Liqueur, Baileys and a splash of Milk it becomes an irresistible, delicious, give me another one cocktail!!!

AMAZ-IN Chocolate Liqueur can be found via Windward Spirits

Nelsons Gold information can be found at Nelsons Gold

Wild Knight Vodka information can be found at Wild Knight Vodka

All Tried and Tasted products are sent to me free of charge in return for a review. All Reviews and opinions are my own and honest.



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