Tried and Tested – Nutural Almond Paste

One of the best things about being on the Tried and Tested TV panel, is that you get sent products to try and review, that you wouldn’t usually ever try. Its these products that usually throw up the biggest surprises.


Nutural Smoked Almond Paste is one such product.

Nutural World produce a range of natural nut products without adding any sugars or oils, so this is the healthiest way to enjoy such a product.

When it arrived I couldn’t help myself, and opened it straight away. Opening the Jar the product immediately gave of a strong smokey aroma, which I for one love.


I tried it firstly on a muffin that I had toasted, it was creamy, nutty and smokey – and also very moreish!


The following morning I swapped it out for my usual peanut butter, and tried it on a hot crumpet – not requiring any other butter, it went straight on top. I found it perfect on these. It does have a habit of sticking to the top of your mouth, but I find exactly the same with natural peanut butters too.


After finding this such a great Peanut Butter substitute, I decided I should try cooking with it as well – and what better then to make a Satay Sauce (Although not strictly a Satay if it doesn’t contain Peanuts)


Mixing finely diced onion (Softened), Garlic, Soy, Smoked Almond Paste, Dried Chilli flakes and Coconut Milk – Heated in a saucepan to create a sauce that’s thin enough to Marinade in. I can still smell the smoke from the paste.


After marinating in the sauce for a couple of hours, I take the Chicken Skewers and cook them on a Griddle.


Serving on a bed of stir friend noodles – these created a flavoursome and very different alternative to a satay chicken dish.


Nutural World РNut Products can be found at :-




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