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I’ll never forget, way back in 1999 when holidaying in New Zealand with my then Girlfriend, who was a vegetarian. The problems we had finding a restaurant that would cater to her needs were huge, you would think she had some kind of special dietary needs that couldn’t be catered for without huge expense or skill.

Being served up a Vegetarian Pizza that contained Ham, sending it back whilst explaining that Vegetarians don’t actually eat ham as it is meat, only to be returned the same pizza with the ham picked off – well times have changed!

Year on year, more and more people are choosing to go Vegetarian or Vegan, each with their own reasons. My belief is that we all have differing diets naturally, as this allows the planet to cater for all – could you imagine if every human on the planet woke up craving avocados for breakfast – luckily for the planet I don’t, but I know many that do, and The Avocado ‘Burger’ being offered up at Gustos would definitely be of interest to them.

The so called ‘Burger’ is just one of many dishes that the Restaurant chain has launched in a bid to cater for a much wider range of customer, so when I was invited down to try out their new Brunch Menu in Knutsford, I was only to happy to see what it was all about.


Gusto in Knutsford has a stunning interior, with great natural light, which any instagrammer knows, is a welcome addition to any restaurant.

To begin with we were introduced to a few of their brunch smoothies. Who would of thought that I would have enjoyed drinking a smoothie that contained courgette!? The ‘Detox-zing’ was blueberry, carrot, ginger, banana and courgette. There are 3 smoothies on this menu and the two that I tried were thoroughly enjoyable.


Next up were the cocktails – A breakfast Pornstar, Fresco, which was a vodka based cocktail with apple juice, basil and lemon and of courser a Torino Bloody Mary. These all looked stunning, however as I was driving on this occasion, I didn’t try them, maybe next time!

Food however was another matter, and it was great that people around the table were ordering up a mixture.


The first thing that took my eye was a pancake with Nutella and Mascarpone, Chocolate Sauce and Ginger Crumb. I ended up going for some something else, however it looked gorgeous when it turned up at the table and I was ensured by the person who did order it (and finished it all), that it tasted as such as well.


The dish that stole me away was a savoury delight. A breakfast Rosti topped with a 5 hour, slow cooked Ragu and a Fried Egg – the flavours were rich and satisfying, I’m not ashamed to admit that I was the first to finish. It was quite filling, otherwise I would have wanted to eat it all over again straight after.


Other diners stuck into some of the other dishes including the Bloomer topped with Nutella, Banana and Cherry.


Or the full breakfast (Vegetarian and Vegan versions of these were also available)

It was great to have so many different choices which also covered sweet and savoury options

Brunch is a popular dining option, especially on weekends and with great options like these, Gusto definitely won’t disappoint. These menus are also being launched at other Gusto Restaurants, so be sure to check out the one nearest to you.



*I was invited to dine at Gusto as a guest in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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