Product Review – Boadicea Gin

Boadicea Gin is the latest drink to be produced by the husband and wife team of Founding Drinks – also responsible for the stunning Wild Knight Vodka and Nelsons Gold which I have written about here.

Founding drinks are a Norfolk based company and were set up after Matt and Steph Brown travelled to Mongolia and experienced how drink was central to social life, on their return they set about creating a fresh tasting Vodka that could be sipped, using local Norfolk Barley.

Well their journey into the drinks world has continued, with their latest venture using the same Norfolk barley, to create a wonderful tasting Gin.

Fresh Thyme is another great garnish for Boadicea Gin

Using local history as Inspiration, they set about creating a Gin fit for the ancient queen of East Anglia, whom the Gin is named after. Using inspiration from ancient recipes and ingredients, they opted to use Nettle as one of their botanicals.

Just like their other Drinks, Boadicea Gin has a stunning bottle, this one is coloured blue, again a tribute to the Iceni Queen.

As well as Rosemary, Boadicea goes great pink peppercorns

On tasting Boadicea, like their vodka, this is clearly a premium product. It is as good sipping neat as it is with a mixer. The Juniper comes through first and then a herby hit of nettle.

As a mixed Gin, it works really well with Rosemary, either added fresh or using Fever-tree Mediterranean. A clean and refreshing drink that is perfect whilst sitting in the Garden.

A real taste explosion with Dandelion and Burdock Cordial

My final use of the Gin was in a Ginlet – usually made with a lime cordial, I decided to use another ancient botanical ingredient, in the form of Dandelion and Burdock.

The flavours mixed perfectly and was something a little different.


*Boadicea Gin was sent for me to review, all opinions are my own and honest.



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