How to minimise the stress with Ryanair

Visiting the airport before any trip is generally the low point of any trip. Let’s face it, all you want to do is to arrive at the destination and start to enjoy the trip itself.

Having worked within an airport for a few years, I am well aware of the stress levels that occur in these places, however there are many ways to help to reduce these.

On my most recent trip, I travelled with Ryanair to Dublin via Manchester Airport and in doing so looked at ways to make the trip as stress free as possible.

Firstly the booking itself – Yes Ryanair have ‘Cheap’ flights available, however by booking a few extra options, you really can help to make it more stress free.

Pre-Book Your Seats

Firstly seating – If you pay £20 for a seat on a plane, you can’t really complain that you are sat apart from other people, so to secure your seats, you need to pay a little extra to check in easily and choose your seats.

Ensure you can take Baggage

Second is Baggage – Standard baggage with Ryanair is now ‘1 small bag that fits under the seat in front’ – so not a larger carry on like it used to be. – However if you book ‘Priority’ you get to take on 2 bags – 1 small and another under 10kg that will fit in the overhead locker. This option also gives you access to the ‘Priority Queue’ to board first.

Whizz through security checks

Thirdly is the security queue – for £6 you can access fast-track security. A smaller queue that helps you whizz through that stress ball that is airport security.

The Experience

In total a return flight to Dublin from Manchester Airport with Priority, Pre-booked seats at the front and fast track security was £90 – yes it’s much more than just booking a seat, but what you’re getting for your money is well worth the elimination of all that stress and £90 for a return flight isn’t really much at all.

I am always shocked at the number of people that board planes asking to be moved as they are not sat together and are ‘nervous flyers’ – why would you not pay £7 each to sit together and remove that stress?!

So everything has been booked and we arrive at the airport – all checked in, we use our phones to enter the fast track and are through security in approx 3 mins.

We then head to one of the best places available in the airport – The Airport Lounge – which you can read more about here.

With boarding almost about to commence, we head from the lounge and to the gates, joining the priority queue. I’m not really fussed about boarding first as we have seats pre-booked, but this element comes with booking that 10kg carry on luggage.

We board and take our seats, unfortunately planning cannot control everything and as usual there is a delay, thankfully only 25 mins though. I take out my phone, turn on the music and sit back – no need to stress.

Where possible I would urge anyone to consider topping up the ‘No Frills’ flight and save yourself lots of hassle.



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