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We recently flew to Dublin on Ryanair – I wrote about how to minimise the stress when making bookings by paying for a few add ons (Read it here)- one of the best airport add ons you can ever purchase however is an airport lounge.

On this occasion we were travelling through Terminal 3 and were visiting the 1903 Lounge. This is owned and operated by Escape Lounges and is their Premium Option but it costs from just £35 per person. The booking of this Lounge also comes with a free fast track security – which means it immediately saves you the £6 fee you would usually pay to an airline for it.

Like the other lounges available, they provide things like food, drink and Wi-Fi, however unlike their other lounges, 1903 is an adults only lounge and is very much quieter. Seating is ample, with seats to view the runway, booths to enjoy food or drink or sofa areas.

The food selections are also quite different. There is a small buffet area, however they also offer up an option of small pots which are placed out after being freshly prepared. As we were there for breakfast, these were porridge, however at other times they may have a macaroni cheese or even a curry in a tiffin.

Not only that, but they also offer some other freshly prepared options to order which they bring to your table. For this morning the options are eggs – scrambled or omelette, however at other times it may be things like sliders.

We order omelettes and when they arrive help ourselves to bacon, sausage, hash browns etc from the small buffet area.

This is enjoyed alongside a coffee – which is self serve, through a hot tap system and an iPad – Simply tap the drink you would like, and it is made through the hot tap.

After enjoying the food and coffee, we sit back and watch some of the planes taking off and landing. No hassle, no noise, no stress!

We decide to enjoy a glass of fizz. The other great thing with 1903 being a premium lounge, is that you can actually enjoy a glass of champagne, something you won’t usually be offered in a pay to use lounge.

I pour myself a glass while pouring India a Prosecco, as this is what she usually enjoys, however there is also a great selection of wines available, complete with tasting notes.

The lounge also has plenty of power sockets including USB charging points, so you can be sure that all your devices will be fully charged before your flight.

With 25 min before our flight, we head down to the gate and into the priority queue. Boarding first, we take a seat at the front and settle in for the short 1 hour flight.

Little things really do make a big difference when travelling and I have written pieces on what to pack previously. One easy step however is an airport lounge.

Escape operate a number of lounges at Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands Airports within the UK (as well as a number in Canada and the US), so if you are travelling on a low cost flight from Manchester, it is commonly from Terminal 3 – so why not enhance your trip and enjoy a glass of champagne, peace and quiet and some freshly cooked food before you hop on board.

Bookings for 1903 and other Lounges can be made here.


On this occasion, I visited the 1903 as a guest of Escape Lounges, however the review and everything contained in it are my own personal experiences and opinions, I will also continue to use this and other lounges in the future.


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