Gin Review:- Thunderflower Elder Bay Blush

When I was first sent a sample of Thunderflower Gin to sample a few years back, I was immediately taken by the stunning flavours in the gin and it quickly earned a place in my top 10 of all gins.

Since that first try, the brand has continued to please with more versions hitting the scene including the incredible Fire-Ship (Their navy strength gin) and delightful pre-mixed negroni.

So it goes without saying that when, to my surprise, a lovely sample turned up at my door of their latest offering, I couldn’t wait to see if this new kid on the block, was equally as good.

Rosé it may be in colour, however Elder Bay Blush is not yet another ‘Pink Gin’, but Thunderflower’s attempt at making something that is designed to highlight some of the great botanicals available in Devon, where the gin is produced .

Taking inspiration from some of the botanicals of Dartmoor, they distil a London Dry, which utilises their base botanicals of Elderflower and Bay Leaf and then infuse it with Rowan Berries, Hawthorn Berries, Gorse and Rosehip, which along with Hibiscus gives this gin its natural ‘Blush’ appearance.

On the nose, the savoury notes of the bay work nicely with the hard hit of juniper, which makes this a traditionalists gin. What makes this gin different to their others, are the tart and fruity elements which the new botanicals bring to the party.

This is not a ‘Fruity’ gin by any sense of the imagination, but a traditional gin lovers gin, with some fruity notes.

On the palette the traditional elements are definitely not drowned out by the infusion, but instead are complimented by them. Gorse and Rosehip bring some florality to the mix, hibiscus an earthiness while Orange, Lemon, Hawthorn and Rowan Berries give that tarty/fruity element while Cubeb and Coriander Seed still allow for a spiciness to the finish.

All of Thunderflowers Gin’s have impressed so far and this one is no different. It’s less hard hitting than their other versions, but the complexity and balance remain, whilst bringing in more floral and fruit notes which make Elder Bay Blush a perfect summers days gin served long and garnished with some fresh raspberries.

Name:- Thunderflower Elder Bay Blush

Price:-£38 (70cl)

Proof:- 42% abv

Buy From:- Thunderflower Website

Disclaimer:- Elder Bay Blush was sent as a PR sample to try. The review was voluntary and impartial, with all thoughts and opinions being those solely of Manchester Food Tourist


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