Gin Review:- Penny Drop – Cornish Old Tom

‘What first got you into gin?’ Is a question I am asked time and time again.

The truth is that I stumbled into the world of gin a few years back, having grown up in a time where gin brands were far and few and in my retail experience, were generally bought by the little old lady down the road, who always carried it home in her handbag.

Oh how things have changed! I was introduced to some small batch gins while reviewing some new products for a ‘new to market brand’ quite some time back now. These new style and more broader gin recipes really peaked my interest.

Contrast of Beer Street and Gin Lane

Since delving into ‘ye old world of gin’, I have loved how much history is linked to the spirit including ‘Dutch Courage’, The introduction of tonic water for its anti-malarial quinine and of course Beer Street and Gin Lane linked to the times of prohibition.

This takes me nicely to the latest gin that was sent to me by the people behind – an online drinks store that stocks a huge range of drinks, which includes numerous gins, including many that I have reviewed in the past.

Penny Drop, Cornish Old Tom Gin is drink finders very own gin and is based on an original old tom recipe.

The name is linked to history, just like the drink itself. The Gin Act was introduced by parliament in 1736 and levied a tax on all gin. This obviously led to illegal activities, including ‘The Penny Drop’.

It was said that customers would drop a penny into a slot in a wall beneath the sign of a cat, on receipt of said ‘dropped penny’, the distiller would pour a shot of gin through a lead pipe, straight into the customers mouth!

The label of Penny Drop Gin continues along this historical theme with its illustration of a winking cat taking centre stage.

The gin is a classic old tom, a style of gin that is generally sweeter that London Dry Gin, but other than that, follows the classic gin flavours.

On the nose this gin is juniper forward, however you can immediately pick up the sweetness of honey.

On the palette those same elements are most prominent, with the honey bringing a natural sweetness, but one that also shouts great quality.

Other classic gin flavours continue to come through on the palette, including cassia, black pepper, coriander seed and lemon.

Mixed with a natural tonic, the flavours become more balanced and you also start to pick up subtle vanilla and more fruity elements, possible from the presence of sea buckthorn berries, which can have an almost tropical fruit flavour to it.

The spice elements are somewhat reserved, however you can still pick up the pepper and coriander on the finish along with some flavours from the honey.

Im not someone that typically goes for an old tom gin, however I have a few on my gin shelf that I adore. If you however are a lover of Old Tom’s, this is a great example of how they should be.

Name:- Penny Drop, Cornish Old Tom Gin

Price:- £35.99

Proof:- 40% abv

Buy From:- Drinks Finder

Disclaimer:- This gin was sent to me by Drinks Finder as a complimentary sample to review. All thoughts and opinions are those of Manchester Food Tourist and are honest and impartial.


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