AIRSNAX – A new ‘healthier’ snack, made right here in Manchester

Like many, I seemed to add a few pounds during lockdown, which seems to have stayed, but with holidays firmly back on the agenda, thoughts of shifting them have meant making a few changes. For me that most definitely means thinking twice about snacks, and which to choose. Therefore when I was asked if I would be interested in trying out a new snack from a Manchester based company, that were high in fibre and low in calories, it seemed to be a bit of a no brainer.  

Brand-new for 2022, AirSnax are:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • High in fibre and protein
  • Low calorie (just 115 calories per 30g bag)

They are made with a combination of chickpeas, green peas and yellow peas, which for me seemed to give them a more appealing texture than other similar snacks and with a little ‘crunch’, which I enjoy.

Available in 30g bags, the snack comes in four flavours – salted, salt and vinegar, black pepper, and sweet chilli.

Unlike some other better-for-you snacks, the ingredients in AirSnax have been specifically chosen to keep you feeling full, removing the temptation to reach for sweets and biscuits mid-afternoon and for me they were great at lunchtimes, especially on days when I was out and about on the road, when temptation to stop and grab something from a drive-through or coffee shop generally leads to something not very healthy.

I really enjoyed the Sweet Chilli and Salt and Vinegar flavours during lunchtime, but held back with the salted and black pepper versions, as I discovered that these made a great treat at one of those other times when snacking would creep in – yes, you’ve probably guessed it – when enjoying a glass of wine in the evenings. Depending on what was in my glass, I found that they actually made a great snack to nibble on, whilst enjoying a glass or two of vino, especially the black pepper version, which quickly became my favourite with a good, bold glass of red!

Founder and MD of AirSnax, Nati Azar says: “Food is such an important part of our lives, so why not make it fun as well as nutritious. We truly believe we’ve created the ideal snack for today’s busy lifestyles and eating habits – the perfect combination of nutritious and satisfying. Because let’s face it, snacks aren’t healthy if they leave you hungry!”

I’m not sure being an accompaniment to wine was what they had in mind when they first came up with the idea, but its a perfect fit and healthier than the cheese or chocolate that I may otherwise reach for.

AirSnax are available to purchase directly from the website for £11 for a case of 12 packs. 

Website – 

Disclaimer – AirSnax were sent to me as a PR sample to try, the review is that of and is, as always, honest and independent.


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