Premier or Not so Premier Inn?!

I've definitely spent my  fair share of time in hotels, sometimes living in them for 6-12 months at a time. A mixture of living in, holiday and business use of hotels, both in the UK and Overseas, has given me experience of all kinds of standards. Over the last 5 years, since working back in [...]


30 Hours in Bangkok

I really love to travel.. ever since backpacking nearly 2 decades ago. I love the adventure, the exploring, the new experiences, embracing places and cultures. So even when on a standard 2 week package holiday, I always try to make it as authentic as possible, with my recent 2 week escape to Thailand being no [...]

Weekend in York

Following other weekends away around the country, this weekend we decided to travel just 80 miles to the town on York. York is a beautiful and very historical city with a wealth of activities to keep absolutely everyone occupied. We opted to stay at The Churchill Hotel, just a short 5 min walk outside the walled city. [...]