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Now I am not usually a big cocktail drinker, usually preferring some beers and then onto good old Jack, however when I used to live in South London, one bar that I would like to visit was Be At One, which although a Cocktail Bar was all about being fun and friendly, without the pretence that most Cocktail Bars in London had.

So when I found out that the chain was to open another bar in Manchester, which is were I now reside, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

On arrival I was impressed by the décor, I arrived early on the opening night to get a proper look around before it got too busy.

Those that have read the blog before, will be well aware that I have had the pleasure of living all around the world, with many countries playing a massive part in my love of food and drink, one of the countries that plays a big part in my tastes is Brazil.

Many a night was spent in a bar, usually made of wood, drinking a dozen or so Caiprioska’s whilst listening to someone with a guitar having a Brazilian sing song, for me it was pure pleasure. Unfortunately this also means I have incredibly high standards when in comes to authenticity, and on this occasion Be At One let me down..  Caiprioska in Brazil always uses BROWN sugar, not white. The also use cubed ice, not crushed. A lime and a half (6 Small sections) with brown sugar crushed together, cubed ice topped with Vodka and then stirred (Never shaken) makes the perfect drink.

But hey, as I said.. I have VERY high standards of authenticity in my food and drink.

The other Cocktails that I tried were great. E-Poo was almost identical to a drink I just put together randomly about 15 years ago whilst living in Australia (Absolute Citroën , Cranberry, Lime and topped with a little Red Bull). The E-Poo version here used standard Absolute, but was still great.

Cocktails had a price range of approx. £8.50 – £10.50 , however there may be times where you can get 2-4-1, or simply download the Be At One app from the App Store and you can get an hour of £5 Cocktails.

I’ve missed the London vibe, however with all the great restaurants Manchester now has to offer, it now has a post dinner venue worth visiting.

Be At One can be found just off St Anns Square at 13 Barton Arcade.


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