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Japanese and Korean cuisine has never been something I’ve opted for when picking out something to eat.

Scarred from pre-prepared Sushi and bland tasting Tempura its actually something I’ve steered away from in the past.

Teaming this cuisine with a restaurant in the Trafford Centre, home to the Chain restaurant with its mass produced and distributed meals, this was never going to be a winner for me…  or was it??

Wokooshii is actually an independent restaurant, owned and run by Gerry Yeung of Yang Sing fame, and is far from being a mass produced chain restaurant. With food being prepared and produced freshly on site.

The interior is also more like a city centre restaurant, with a great bar area.

Gerry spoke to me at length about his passion of the food and menu that offered or had in the pipeline, some of which he wanted to test out on me.

A Tuna Sashimi Salad was the first dish that came, not something I would normally order, but wow what I would have missed. The flavours were an explosion in my mouth, sweet, sour, spicy, salty and working together with the most tender of tuna.

This was closely followed by an amazing Salmon Sashimi, which Gerry explained they cut from the belly of the Salmon, which is a more oily part of the fish, adding to its flavour and tenderness.

A seaweed salad. that although was different to what I have ever tried, had great flavours of Chilli and Garlic.

Next up was a medley of starters including a Sirloin Beef Roll with Spring Onion, King Prawn Tempura and a Grilled Salmon Yakitori with the best Chilli style sauce, dishes that Gerry let out were some of his personal favourites.

Then came the big try ….   A Korean Style Burger… Spicy.. Tasty, but with a Steamed Bun..  this is a work in progress but definitely has potential as something new and different..  keep your eyes peeled for this on the menu. What was impressive, was that they are trialling out new dishes to keep things fresh and new.

What I loved best about the meal, was the Tapa’s style in which we ate, lots of small plates for people to share. This is a much more pleasant way of eating and trying out new dishes.

Wokooshi offers a Taster Menu, with many of the dishes that I tried being included, I would highly recommend trying this, even if you don’t love everything, I am sure you will love most of it.

This is not your usual Trafford Center restaurant, catering for the busy shopper looking to be fed, this is a restaurant that is passionate about the food that it serves. Wokooshii is worth a visit, either specifically to eat, or as a great place to relax before or after catching a movie.

Wokooshii can be found at 128 The Orient, Trafford Centre, Manchester


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