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So the Christmas Markets have reappeared in Manchester, and they wouldn’t be the same without atrocious weather. Whilst weaving in and out of the various stalls, I couldn’t help but get hungry. With sausages and Candy Floss smells on every corner, it wasn’t long until I needed to eat.

Climbing the stairs down to Sinclair’s Oster bar I started to smell Incense,  immediately taking me back to my days in India. I then remembered that Mowgli Street Food had opened in the new Corn Exchange.. Perfect!!

Having already ventured into the newly opened Corn Exchange previously, it was great to see the development in the last couple of weeks.

Mowgli looked very inviting and I ventured straight over and waited to be seated.

On the downside, I waited a long time outside the restaurant and 4 other groups actually walked off rather than be invited in, this is a shame as what was to come was outstanding.

The décor of Mowgli was far removed from either the traditional UK Indian restaurant or those that you find in India itself, but I liked it. Monkeys, rope and wood give a very jungle book feel whilst also looking very upmarket.

Being a big home cook of Indian food, one of the main staples that I have in my kitchen is Ghee, so the pots on the table, holding the cutlery and serviette’s were a welcome sight, after all, what’s a curry without plenty of Ghee???

During my time living in India, I discovered some amazing flavours, truly falling in love with real Indian food. The important thing to remember is that its not about chilli, but about the depth of flavour. I want to taste the garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander and cinnamon and not just get my head blown off by heat with no flavour, unfortunately most UK Indian restaurants seem to cater for either bland or stupidly hot.

I was weary about ordering the Tiffin that includes 3 curries (Veg and Meat) plus a rice, however I drew a lucky draw. Ginger Chicken that was so tasty and flavoursome, lamb curry topped with Pomegranate seeds (so the done thing right now, but very Persian (Sabrina Ghayour would be impressed)) and a Dhal that was oozing different flavours.

When in India I eat little rice and generally opt for Roti , So I opted for these as well as the included rice. To be honest, I would have been happy without the rice and just enjoyed the curries with the bread. I just wanted to get stuck in with my fingers, but in the middle of Manchester, I thought I should use a cutlery.

It’s rare that I find an Indian Restaurant that meets my high expectations. Having lived and worked in India I want Authentic, Tasty and Non Pretentious Food….. Mowgli, you have succeeded where so many have failed… I hope to be back again soon


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