Hawksmoor Manchester

We had booked for an early evening meal in the bar area of Hawksmoor on Deansgate, Manchester, opting for the smaller bar menu rather than the main restaurant one.

We were offered the main menu in the bar as well however, which was a great touch. As we had purposely gone for the bar menu for the much talked about Chicken Poutine Balm, then this is what we stuck with.

A Burger with Chicken – Chips – Cheese Curd – Egg and Gravy, any northerners delight, which is why my girlfriend wanted this and only this!!

I have to say, even as a South Londoner, that it tasted amazing.

I opted for the Lobster Roll, which at just £18, is much cheeper than an un-named Lobster and Burger place also in Manchester.

Like the Balm (Roll to fellow southerners) the Lobster was incredibly tasty, with no scrimping on the actual lobster.

We throughly enoyed the food and the incredible service, we are actually back in a couple of weeks, although we will be more grown up this time and eat in the restaurant.


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