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Since arriving in Manchester about 4 years ago, I have certainly had my fair share of curries … Maybe because of my partner growing up on them (Her Father and Grandparents were all born in India), or maybe it’s because I’ve spent a few winters living in Goa, India and now just can’t get enough of them, whatever the reason, I LOVE a good curry!


Now it’s true that I do love to cook my curries, but sometimes I also like to eat them out. Unfortunately most curry houses that I have visited, just do not live up to the authentic taste that I have grown to demand and love, one exception being Mowgli which is based in Liverpool or Manchester.

I have also been hearing great things about Mughli on Curry Mile and so decided that it was about time that I tried somewhere new.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant was incredibly quiet, however I have been told that this isn’t always the case and that you can never tell, but whilst bookings are recommended, they do keep some tables available for walk ins.

Service was definitely swift and very friendly and we were shown to our table. The decor was pretty typical of an ‘upmarket Indian restaurant’, I did however like the Bollywood film posters on the wall. It was also great to be able to see the Charcoal Pit, the thing that sets this place apart from much of its competition.

The menu is small, which is often a good thing, made up of items from ‘The Grill’ as well as ‘Small Plates’ kind of like an Indian Tapas which comes to the table as its cooked.. a great idea.

I had been highly recommended the Lamb Chops from the Grill section, so ordered these along with some Chicken Tikka, some Tadhka Dhal and some ‘Small Plates’ including Gunpowder Fries, Bhajias and Halloumi Menander.

I have to say that the Lamb Chops were incredible, a great explosion of flavour on perfectly pink lamb!!

The Chicken was tender and a great lemon flavor.. lemon and chilli is a great combination.

I was also very impressed with the Gunpowder Fries.. a Chilli Sweet Potato Fry that really was a taste bomb in your mouth.

We struggled to eat everything and even took a couple of the Bhajias home as a doggy bag.. I couldn’t help it!

Mughli isn’t about to become my go to Indian Restaurant… however for something slightly different this is definitely one of my new favourites.. I’m sure I will be back soon to try out some of their other dishes.

Mughli can be found at 30 Wilmslow Road, Manchester , M14 5TQ Website HERE


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