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Its that time of year when everything takes on the same flavours, be it a Christmas Turkey Bake, A Christmas Turkey Sandwich, even a Christmas Turkey Burger – Turkey-Stuffing-Cranberry everywhere!!

Usually I’m not tempted by these ‘seasonal specials’, however last year one really caught my eye..  The Hawksmoor Christmas Burger!!

The sight of Turkey, Stuffing, Sausage, Bacon and Gravy all in a Brioche Bun jut couldn’t be resisted.

So recently when we were due to go back to Hawksmoor, I was getting ready for this delight, however at the last minute plans were cancelled and I found myself leaving town and heading home. On the way home I had an idea and decided to make it myself.

The whole thing was very simple to put together and was a true northern delight (Although made by a southerner like me)

Firstly I made up a basic stuffing mix, not something to eat by itself usually, but ideal for the burger. I formed this into a burger shape using a ring.


Next some sausage meat. I used a chilled sausage meat mix, but you can just take the meat from any sausages that you like. Again this is formed into the same shape using the ring.

these will take around 20-25 mins to cook in the oven, so you can do everything else while this is cooking.

I opted to put some Hash Browns in my burger too – so now it was time to add these into the oven.


Next came the turkey. Some turkey fillet steaks, covered in seasoned flour. I put some plain flour in a bowl, added salt, pepper and paprika. Heated a frying pan with a little oil and cooked the turkey. Time depends on the thickness, mine was around 8 mins.

Next some smoked back bacon – from the butchers is always best for bacon. I find supermarket bacon to be full of water and lacking flavour.

For gravy, I had stock in the freezer already, that was easily made into a gravy, but any gravy you like will do, but the more the better.

Taking a Brioche Bun, I put a little Gravy on the bottom and Cranberry Sauce on the top, now its time to stack.


Stuffing – More Gravy – Fried Turkey Steak – Hash Brown – Sausage Meat – Bacon – More Gravy – Bun Top.


I’m now going to have to adapt this to eat the rest of the year!!!





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