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Whilst away for the weekend in Shoreditch – London, eating good food was a must. After all, this place is a bit of a foodie heaven. Breakfast was no exception.

With so many places to choose from, one of the must do’s was ‘The Breakfast Club’ – described as a real ‘Caf’ not a ‘Cafe’. The breakfast club prides itself on good honest food and a friendly service, and if the queues are anything to go by, then it must be good.

We were staying only a short stroll from their location in Shoreditch, close to Spitalfields Market.


We originally planned to go here on a Saturday or Sunday, but with big queues we opted to wait until the Monday when it might be a little quieter.

Finding the little yellow door, we were pleased that at 10:30 on a Monday morning there was no queue outside….  YAY…..  but when we opened the door, we found the queue was still inside. Having said this, it moved really quickly and we were entertained by all the notes and messages that previous diners had scribbled on napkins and bills and were now lining the walls of the queuing area.

Moving into the restaurant seating area, it took me back to my Primary School in the 80’s, with coat racks, wooden benches with wire racks. These were positioned back to back along the windows to create some great looking booth style seating.

A large larder fridge door against the wall also doubled up as a hidden door that led through to their ‘Secret Bar’ – We didn’t get to try this out, but hope to another visit.

The menu was laden with breakfast goodies, looking around the room you could see pancakes staked high with cream and fruit, or piles of sausages, eggs bacon and the works.


I opted for the Full American – this consisted of Pancakes (Maple Syrup), Egg, Crispy Bacon and Sausage along with the essential Breakfast Potatoes. Teamed with a great tasting filter coffee it took me back to some of the huge breakfasts I had consumed last year in New York.


India choose the Croque Monsieur – which was made with the biggest slices of Sough Dough I have ever seen (The picture doesn’t show the scale – but that’s a LARGE plate it’s on) and filled with Ham Hock and Melted Cheese, you had to be a cheese lover to consume the whole of it!

Having finished this massive and amazing breakfast, I can see why people queue for ages outside these establishments. It’s not just the nostalgic feeling of the place, but the food is definitely good hearty food, cooked well.

I for one will be back.

The Breakfast Club has a number of locations which can be found on their website at


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