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I’m not a big breakfast eater – unless I’m off work or away on holiday. My usual morning ritual consists of grabbing a Nespresso, drinking it and then heading for the door.

I have however on the odd occasion had one of those instant porridge things, only if I’m feeling really hungry, they are simple to use, but to be honest the times I’ve done that I can count on one hand.

One of the things I was asked to review on behalf of Tried and Tested was an instant breakfast pot, from a company called Quoats.


Quoats is a British company, which has taken to mixing Quinoa and Flax to an oat breakfast. High in Protein and a good source of fibre, it helps to create an even healthier version of the instant porridge.


Its also really simple to use, take off the lid, mix and add water to the line – stir – put lid on and sit for 3 mins – stir again and enjoy.


But what about flavour. The one I was sent was Date and Pecan – To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, however I was pleasantly surprised.


The consistency was good, I like my porridge thick and this was. it was sweet enough (But not too sweet) without adding anything, and it had a much more flavoursome taste to the instant porridge’s I’ve tried previously.

Its not 1:30pm and I’ve not even started to feel hungry for lunch – so that’s another bonus.

So another thumbs up for a product that I would never of headed to on the shelves, but will now be putting a few in my car for when I’m out and about at work and need a healthy and filling snack.

The product was sent to be to try free of charge by tried and tested in return for a review – however all opinions are honest as always.


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