A few years back, I was planning one of my trips down to visit family in South London. Instead of staying in sunny Croydon, I opted to stay in Shoreditch, as my nephew was working in the ACE Hotel there.

Before heading down, I reached out on twitter for a few new places to try, Marina O’Loughlin of the Sunday Time (Then Guardian), had some great places to try – but one of my real treasures came from Sabrina Ghayour (Persiana / Sirocco / Feasts Cookbook fame), pointed out – be sure to the The Rib Man.

I looked it up and found the The Rib Man sold rib meat on brick lane market on a Sunday.

Just a short stroll from the hotel, brick lane hosts a great Sunday morning market, where you can find Mark Gevaux (AKA The Rib Man). Mark is no Shoreditch hipster, this is an ex butcher, with one leg, who I’m told is around 50 (Sorry if that’s wrong Mark).


His stall serves Rib Rolls, with mouthwatering and succulent baby back pork rib meat – slow cooked to perfection, piled up on a soft bread roll and covered in his very own Chilli Sauce made with scotch bonnet – his sauce is very rightly called Holy Fuck! The sauce is not just your usual hot chilli sauce, but is also packed full or flavour and aromas – its a pure delight in itself!


The street food vendor does well every week, posting on twitter when he is about to sell out – week in – week out, as well as having a stall at West Ham home games.

He is also very well known. One of my best friends, who is a west ham supporter and isn’t that fussed about food, knows exactly who he was – apparently he sits just in front of him at games.


Not content at only selling his rib rolls, Mark also markets his own sauce – along with a range of even hotter sauces, including Christ on a Bike, which I can only manage in small doses.


Marks range of sauces can be found on his own website, and its that popular that some restaurants even use it, he even receives orders from individuals all over the world. More recently mark has been working in development to make his sauces more widely available, so it looks like this amazing sauce could be found in small independents and butchers near you!

You can find details of The Rib Man and his sauces at  The Rib Man Website



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