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Kombucha? What even is that ?? – This month I was sent not one, but THREE different makes of Kombucha to try as part of a taste test panel.

I have to be honest, I had never heard of this stuff before – so I needed to find out what I had gotten myself into.

It turns out that Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea – hmmmm, sounds interesting. I drink tea – not a fan of Iced Tea and not really a fan of Green Tea, so am I going to like this?!

Kombucha comes with all kinds of reported health benefits, however it must be pointed out that none of these have been scientifically proven in human studies, however it is often widely taken that foods that are fermented have benefits in the gut due to the production of probiotics.

The fermentation process also produces small amounts of alcohol, its content isn’t shown on the bottles however as it is below 0.5% and is classed as a soft drink, it therefore makes it a good alternative to having a beer.

It’s also stated that Kombucha is low in sugar, also due to the fermentation process, but I’m sure this varies from brand to brand.

But how does it taste.

I started with Jarr Kombucha – Ginger:- I am a fan of ginger. Not knowing what to expect I thought I would try a Kombucha with a flavour of something I liked and thought would disguise any flavours I didn’t like.

On opening the bottle, I was immediately hit by the smell of fermentation, that vinegar smell –  to be honest, I wasn’t happy about trying it. I continued however, the taste wasn’t as strong as the aroma. Unfortunately I could not taste any ginger, If I could I may have liked this more. It was slightly fizzy and I felt like I was drinking a health tonic rather than enjoying a nice drink, having said that I drank half the bottle, put it back in the fridge, and then finished it later on – so it had some kind of pull!

I was informed that Jarr’s is considered the Bad Boy of Booch (The nicknamed used for Kombucha). I’d obviously started with the strongest version, and that would make perfect sense, so I was now happier to try the others.


Next I tried the Equinox Kombucha, and there were two varieties for tasting, an original plus a Raspberry and Elderflower. I played it safe with the Raspberry variety first – and I was blown away – was this really Kombucha – no fermentation taste, a sweet almost alcopops drink, fruity and a little fizzy – if Jarr’s was Vindaloo, this was Butter Chicken, I quickly drank this down – if this really is healthy and tasted this good, I would drink it daily!

The Original variety only had a very faint fermented aroma, not as sweet as the Raspberry, but again I thoroughly enjoyed it.


My last try of Kombucha came in the form of LeftField No 3 – Their Tung Ting Oolong. This was again so different from the others – it kind of tasted a little beer like, with the taste of the tea coming through, it definitely has a yeasty taste – beer lovers would enjoy this one for sure.

Overall my experience with Kombucha has a been a good one, and I am open to trying out others, although I can not speak for any health benefits that the drink may or may not have, what I can say, is that this is an interesting and varied beverage that I have enjoyed having me eyes open too, in fact just writing about it has made me want some – have any studios been done on if its addictive?


Jarrs Kombucha :-  Jarr Website

Equinox Kombucha :-  Equinox Website

Leftfield Kombucha :-  LeftField Website


The Kombucha’s were sent to me to try and to review as part of the Taste Test Panel (Tried & Tested) – All opinions are honest and my own.


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