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A while back I received a bottle of Wild Knight Vodka. The most stunning bottle of Vodka I had ever seen.


I do like Vodka, it just isn’t my go to tipple plus I rarely drink it indoors. It was therefore a while before I actually opened and tried it.

Wild Knight Vodka is a Norfolk Based product that was started by Husband and Wife team Matt and Steph Brown. They first looked into producing their own Vodka after attending a wedding in Mongolia, where Vodka was drank as part of the ceremony, from a shared bowl.

In 2014 they started the process of producing their own product, something that was pure and could be enjoyed on its own, then in 2016 they finally launched. Only 2 years old Wild Knight Vodka has been well received. A clean and crisp tasting Vodka without the burn of some others.

You may wonder why I’m talking about Wild Knight Vodka in a post for Nelson’s Gold!? Well Nelson’s Gold is the second product produced by Matt and Steph. Making use of the beautiful taste of their very own Vodka, they have taken to blending it with a stunning caramel, to produce a rich and luxurious Caramel Liqueur.

Open a bottle of Nelson’s Gold and you are hit by the sweet aroma of caramel, you may be tempted to just pour it straight down your neck, however this delight is best sipped and enjoyed slowly.

Having used Wild Knight Vodka in various cocktails, as well as sipping neat, I am fully aware how great an ingredient it is. This applies perfectly with Nelson’s Gold.

The Caramel comes through immediately, with a silky smooth finish, I compare it to the tasting of a fine piece of chocolate.

In addition to being drank by itself, Nelson’s Gold can also be used to create some other amazing drinks.


It lifts Champagne or Prosecco to new heights, adding a beautiful colour, aroma and flavour.


Or in Cocktails it produces an amazing flavour, I believe it compliments many different flavours, for example Coffee, Chocolate or Mint. I produced a Stunning Chocolate Toffee Cocktail made with Nelson’s Gold, Chocolate Liqueur (AMAZ-IN) and Bailey’s. The Chocolate and Caramel combination with the creamy Bailey’s was a dreamy delight!

Or use with Espresso and Coffee Liqueur to give an Espresso Martini a new twist.

All three ingredients are available for delivery at Master Of Malt

You can find out more about both their beautiful drinks at Wild Knight Vodka or Nelson’s Gold

Or Read more on my blog about AMAZ-IN Chocolate Liqueur


Nelsons Gold was sent to me as a sample to try – this blog post is my own honest opinion of the product.


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