Travel Coffee Solutions Pt 1 – One Cup Filters

I recently wrote a piece about my love for real coffee. I compared my old espresso machine with a quicker and simplier to use ‘Nespresso’ – You can read more on that here

My new trouble though, is that I am not always at home.

My work takes me to different locations and sometimes I have to spend 3 or 4 days working out of a training centre. The coffee machine there really is not great, to the point that I had to stop drinking it all together. I then resorted to drinking instant coffee, but it’s just not the same.

So after some thought, I came up with a few alternative solutions. I wanted to find a way of drinking non instant coffee, but in away that meant I didn’t have to carry around machines or heavy equipment with me all the time.

This post will be split into three parts, which each post lookin at a different coffee solution.

Part One – One Cup Filters.

Having used these previously when working overseas, it’s a simple way of having a cup of filter coffee without any other equipment needed.

The one cup filters are a very simple idea. They are plastic containers that you place on top of your cup or mug and fill with hot water. They contain coffee within a filter in the bottom of the container and pouring the hot water into the container, it drips through the coffee and you get a filter coffee straight into your cup in around 3 mins.

For this review I compared two different One Cup Filters.


The Rombouts One Cup Filters fitted quite nicely on top of my mug and a coffee was ready in around 3 mins.


The coffee had a good aroma and flavour, however these are designed for a ‘Cup’ and not a mug, so you only manage half a mug full.

Douwe Egberts

The Douwe Egberts are very similar in design, however these ones did not fit on my mug as the mug was too wide resulting in the filter turning on it side. I therefore had to go and find a cup with a much smaller opening.


The badly fitting container wasn’t the only problem though. I found these to take a lot longer to drain through, with one filter taking over 15 mins. This resulted in a stewed coffee taste which was also only luke warm.

Both the filters are a similar price and work out at around 33p a coffee.

So in summery, whilst the Rombouts gave me a good tasting filter coffee. I really couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that they are made of plastic and then thrown away after use, this got me thinking about what other solutions I could use that would be more enviromentally friendly.


Part 2 will look at Coffee Bags from Lyons


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