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It’s not only Manchester City Centre that is seeing new ventures opening on what seems to be a weekly basis. Chorlton has also been a hive of activity when it comes to new openings.

In the same week that saw the opening of The Creameries, another eatery was also opening just up the road.


Benito Lounge is part of The Lounges chain, which consists of 10 locations which spread from Brighton and now to Manchester. All their Lounge names start with A or B and Finish with an O – Such as Alto, Arco or Argo or Bacco, Banco and Benito. Working their way through the alphabet it seems.


Aiming at producing a homely and welcoming ‘Lounge’ feel, the decor is bright and colourful, with furniture a mixture of ‘Mexican Style’ painted wooden tables, to coffee shop sofas and arm chairs.

The venue itself is much larger that most of the cafe and coffee shops that you find elsewhere in Chorlton and lacks the independent feel that so many in this region seem to demand. However it was busy and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The menu is very varied with it reminding me of  something you would find in a pub chain, although they also cater for Vegan and Gluten Free with separate menus, something that will be very welcome in this location.

I opted for a Brunch Burger – A Pork and Leek Patty, Egg, Bacon, Cheese, Tomato in a Brioche Bun, served with Hash Browns and a tiny cup of Baked Beans.


Also ordered was a Brunch Muffin, similar to the burger, just on an open muffin and without the tomato, cheese, beans or Hash Browns. Although the latter were ordered separately as an extra

We visited on a Sunday morning and so stuck to the brunch part of the menu, however it also contains delights such Mac n Cheese, Burgers, Goan Curry and even a Tapas section where you can choose 3 tapas for £9.95 (Which also comes with a free glass of wine on Tapas Tuesdays) – The full menu can be found here

It’s this hugely varied menu that makes this place feel like a pub, but where the main focus is on the food rather than a pint. I can see it doing well with those that like to pop out for dinner or lunch occasionally and head to ‘spoons’ not just because the menu caters for so many different tastes, but because the food is of a much higher standard then what you will find in most pub chains.

I doubt the Tapas Tuesday will be tempting those from the specialist independents such as San Juan, but then I don’t think they are aiming to compete with those, rather that being a relaxed ‘pop in for something to eat’ crowd.

Benito Lounge can be found at 595-597 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, M21 9AJ



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