Tried and Tested – Pinkster Gin

Here we are again reviewing another gin…  as mentioned in my English Drinks Co. Gin Review, its a drink that I have grown to love more and more as I get older.

Being able to appreciate the subtle botanical’s which really make or break a Gin, is on par to appreciating a good Red Wine or Chocolate.

Now I have to start off by admitting, that I’m not a PINK person, and by that mean I’m not a big ‘fruity’ flavours person, preferring a rustic and spicy approach to my drinks.


The bottle looked very upmarket and was clearly a PINK gin, not just by name, but it also has a light baby pink colouring.

Like other Gin’s I review, I stick to a little neat to get a real hit of it’s aroma and then taste with a simple tonic water, I try and stick to my go to Fever Tree for consistency.


I was expecting a sickly sweet gin, especially after reading how is it made by infusing the Gin with real raspberrys. However on tasting I was happy that instead of a full on sweet pink, I only had a touch of sweetness paired with a crisp finish – and just as the sun came out, all seemed well.

When I researched, I found that Pinkster Gin was born by accident, in that it wasn’t planned to be a Pink Gin, but rather which fruit worked best. I have to agree that the raspberry flavour works really well without overpowering the other delicate flavours of the gin, which is sometimes the case when fruit is used.

I also love the fact that after being used the raspberrys are then used to make Boozy Berrys and Gin Jam in farm shops – what a great idea!

You can find out more about Pinkster Gin here

*I was sent Pinkster Gin and part of the Tried and Tested Taste Panel, I have not been paid for the review and all opinions are my own and honest.


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