Tried and Tested – Chic P Hummus

Hummus always takes me back to my time living in the Middle East – Smothered on bread, it was served with every meal and can be a pure delight. I was therefore very happy to test some new hummus out.

Chic P are a UK Company that are helping to champion the huge amount of fruit and vegetables that are being refused by the supermarkets, because of their not so perfect appearance. ChicP take some of that poor unwanted and unloved veg, turning it into a great tasting raw veg hummus.

I was sent 3 of their mini pots to sample and review.


The first I tried was the Herby Hummus, slapped thickly on some bread with some pomegranate seeds, the parsley flavour really stood out and it wasn’t long until the whole tub was gone. This is a fresh tasting and very moreish hummus.


At the same time I tried the Carrot, Ginger and Tumeric – bursting with healthy ingredients, this was also beautiful. The sweetness from the carrots mixed perfectly with the subtle heat of the ginger – never before was eating healthy so tasty.


The last pot to try was the Beetroot, Horseradish and Sage. With this I used as a dip with crackers, the horseradish was the prominent flavour with the sage just coming through.

All 3 of these healthy hummus tubs were a delight to eat, especially in a week where the sun was shining – perfect for outdoors eating with friends, or all by yourself.

ChicP Hummus is available at a number of stores, including Selfridges, Fortnum and Masons and Amazon Fresh.

You can ready more about it on their website here.


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