Travel Coffee Solutions – Pt 3

In my quest to find a solution for getting good coffee when working away, or on travels, I have so far tested Rombouts One Cup Filters in Part 1 and Lyons Coffee Bag’s in Part 2.

Here in the third and final part, I have been testing a reusable one cup filter.


Costing just a few pounds I purchased a plastic reusable one cup filter, which you use with a small filter paper and coffee of your choice.

Ceramic versions of these are also available for around £10, however for this trial I opted to grab the cheapest option to see how it worked.

The filters are Size 2 filter, designed for 1-2 cups and available in all good supermarkets, and some bad ones! I got them for just £1 for 80 filters.

For coffee you can use any that you like, which is the main perk of these. You are not stuck to the coffee that is pre-filled, instead you use the coffee which you like.


Adding one heaped tablespoon of ground coffee into the filter bag and placing the filter on-top of a cup, you simply fill it with water and let it filter through.


I like a mug of coffee and not a small cup, so I poured extra water into the filter after it had almost filtered through.


Time-wise, it work only minutes for the coffee to filter through – and the taste.

I was shocked and surprised at how simple this was and how great the coffee tasted.


From the tests I have found the following:-

Best for working away for a few days:- The reusable one cup filter

Best for Travel:- Lyons Coffee Bags


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