Tried and Tested – Edible Cocktails

Once again, those at tried and tested have gone and delivered yet another new and interesting product for me to try and review.


An edible cocktail by Smith and Sinclair, which is basically basically a giant Haribo sweet for adults.

It ran through my mind as to the purpose of these little delights, I cant help but think of someone in the office having a sneaky Gin Cocktail at their desk without anyone actually realising, or is that just me dreaming!

However when I read about the birth of the company, it all starts to make sense.

Designed to be served at adult pick ‘n’ mix dating events, it allows for a cocktail to be enjoyed, without the mess of the glass and nervous constant sipping – its actually ideal in that scenario (Or so I would assume!) Its a really fun way to enjoy a Gin Cocktail, however be aware, these are seriously adult sweets with an alcohol content of 7%, each sweet has approx half a shot of spirit contained within it.

The sweets available include Gin, Whisky, Vodka and even a Prosecco Sherbet Dipper, all of which would make such a great gift. I’m already making a list of all those that would absolutely love to receive the latter for Christmas!


I was sent two sweets from the Gin Collection. The G & T Pastille is a soft a chewy jelly, which kind of reminded me of jelly fruits, but with a gin flavour. The outer is dusted with a Violet Sugar, which just took me pack to those tiny violet sweets you got as a kid.

I didn’t get these to begin with, but having tried them and thought about it, there is clearly a opening in the gift market, after all how many Prosecco sweets have you seen being sold.

You can read more about Smith and Sinclair’s range of edible cocktails here


*I was sent this product to try and review, courtesy of Tried and Tested. the thoughts and opinions are my own honest review.


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