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This week I was sent a new product to try and review by Squig.

Squig is a portmanteau or Square Pig, so as this suggests, Squig produces Square Sausages. Now whilst I have tried a fair few of these whilst working in Scotland, Squig is the first Square Sausage that I’ve seen available to buy in England, plus I also love the fact this it comes in different varieties, including Cumberland. And if that wasn’t enough, they are also Gluten Free.


Coming in packs of 4 ‘sausages’, you get what are basically 4 sausage meat patties and are available at selected Morrison’s at just £2.50 a pack.

The first thing I notice about Squig, is how much easier they are to cook. Now don’t get me wrong, sausages are not ‘hard’ to cook, but they can take some attention. You do need to keep turning them to cook even. With Squig however, you simply stick them in a hot pan, cook on one side for 4 mins, turn once and cook for a further 3 mins on the other side, allowing you to concentrate on other elements.


Next came the flavour test. First up I tried the Perfectly Pork variety. Not being a big fan of ‘plain’ sausages, I really wasn’t expecting to like these ones as much as I did. The sausages are so well seasoned with a good hit of Chilli. In fact eating the Clever Cumberland next, I didn’t get the extra flavour hit that I was originally expecting from these ones, but that’s only because both were equally flavoursome.

I cooked a couple of extra sausages and allowed them to chill and placed them in the fridge for later. I wanted to see how these worked as a snack or nibble later on.

Perfect timing as I had guests staying that night, so in the evening I took the patties out and cut them onto thin strips, serving them as finger nibbles with drinks. These really were a great idea and it wasn’t long until they had disappeared completely.


The following day I wanted to give the Cumberland a fair trial. I used them again as part of a breakfast, but this time I placed them on a toasted muffin, adding a poached egg and hollandaise, you couldn’t do this with a ’round sausage’.

This time I appreciated the Cumberland ones more. I think the chilli in the Perfectly Pork the first time around had stopped me from appreciating the herbs as much, but this time they shone through and can say that the Cumberland ones are indeed my favorite.

I rarely cook sausages at home even though I love a good tasting sausage meat, Squig however have bought me an easy to cook, great tasting and versatile product, which I will definitely be looking out for in the supermarket.

You can read more about Squig here


*Squig sent me these products to try free of charge, my thoughts and points are my own and honest as always,



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