My Year With Nespresso

Last year I took the plunge and signed up to a Nespresso Subscription – Here’s my final verdict.


I have loved coffee for as long as I can remember, with my time overseas in coffee loving countries increasing my coffee standards day by day.

At home in the UK, I’ve always had an espresso machine and steam nozzle machine, but far too often it sat there and only got used at weekend, instead I would be opting to pop into a coffee shop on my way to work to save time.

I love trying different coffee beans and would grind them myself at home. But the time to let the machine heat up, the noise it made and the cleaning it afterwards, just didn’t make it a viable option for making in the morning before work.

I was very sceptical about Nespresso machines, having previously had another brand when living in Mexico, but having heard some good stories I thought why not.

Nespresso Subscriptions currently come in four options:-

£18 Per Month – Basic Machine

£25 Per Month – Basic Machine + Milk Frother

£35 Per Month – New Vertuo Machine

£45 Per Month – Professional Machine (Or Vertuo Machne + Milk Frother)

On top of the monthly 12 month subscription you pay £1 for the machine.

Make and Go – Take your coffee with you

Each of the monthly subscriptions is then transferred as credit into your Nespresso Club Wallet, to be used online or at one of their shops. So basically, you get a Nespresso Machine of your choice for £1 as long as you promise to spend a minimum amount with Nespresso over the next year.

You might think £18-£45 is a lot on coffee a month – but there is a couple of things to consider.

1:- If you buy a coffee out daily – you may pay around £3 for this – that’s £15 a week for 5 days (£60 a month)

2:- You don’t have to use all the monthly subscription, as it rolls over and stays into your account for upto 2 YEARS after the subscription ends.


Coffee:- With regards to the coffee itself – I have to say it is superior to what you get in many coffee shops, and with so many varieties to choose from, you can find one that fits you perfectly. Or like me have a varied sample at all times, depending on mood.

Environmental Impact:- All the pods from Nespresso are fully recyclable. made of aluminium, you simple keep them stored in a bag, which they provide for free, then drop off at one of their stores. Also by using a re-usable mug every morning, you don’t need to worry about buying disposable cups from a store.

Machine:- I had the Essenza Mini and Aeroccino, this makes good espresso and the Aeroccino is amazing at frothing bot hot and cold milk for all kinds of drinks. I did find that sometimes the coffee wasn’t very hot, despite cleaning and descaling. I would sometimes have to run a through cycles before actually putting in the pod. This may be cured by a better machine, such as the professional, which has more cup size and heat options.


If you enjoy coffee and want fresh tasting coffee at home without the hassle of a traditional espresso machine, then I would highly recommend these plans. I would like to say go for the professional, however not actually having tried that machine myself, I’m not sure if its worth the added commitment. So start small and if you enjoy it – maybe you can upgrade in the future.


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