12 Gifts of Christmas Pt 11 – The Gin Lovers Gift Ideas – 6 Must Try Gins

Everyone knows a Gin Lover, so this final piece in the series is dedicated to all those gift ideas suited to them.

Personally one of the first things I try to do when looking for a new gin, is to look for something distilled in small batches, paying special attention to those that stand out for their own special reason. Recently I have been trying out a few that fit the bill perfectly – You may have seen some of the reviews already, but here are six of my current favourites from England, Scotland and Wales! Look out for lots more on Gin from me in 2019 too though – this Gin bubble is definitely nowhere near maximum capacity.



This is definitely a premium gin, ideal as a sipping gin. Produced by the same couple behind Wild Knight Vodka, Boadicea has a clean and crisp taste, using fresh ingredients including nettle. On top of the incredible taste, it comes in a beautiful blue bottle which anyone would love to have on their drinks table.

Perfectly matched with a tonic and rosemary.

The full review can be found here – Also keep your eyes peeled for the Winter Special Edition which combines sweet cranberry with spicy cinnamon.



Another premium small batch gin, but this one comes with much more of a bite.

Using Black and Green Cardamon this Gin has a real spice hit and takes me back to my time living in India. If you like a Gin with a real spicy hit then check it out here

This Gin is matched perfectly with Coriander Flower and Mediterranean Tonic


FOrsestGiAgain we look at a Gin that uses locally foraged and organic botanical’s, combined with a spirit obtained from a natural spring in the peak district. Forest Gin produces a great tasting Gin which gives a flavour of the forest, its also in a stunning bottle which is made from Staffordshire Porcelain. Another great gift idea, plus not only do they produce great gin – but you can also do a tour of the distillery – read my full review here.



Aber falls produces a number of stunning Gins, with some beautiful flavoured options including Marmalade or Rhubarb and Ginger. I wasn’t really a fan of sweeter flavoured Gins until I tried Aber falls Rhubarb and Ginger – Just imagine a Gin that tastes exactly like a Rhubarb and Custard Sweet – and that’s what this Gin Tastes like. I have also featured Aber falls other flavours as well as their original in an earlier review here.



A true Highland Gin, where everything is grown, distilled and bottled on this family run Highland Estate. This Gin includes Kelp which gives you a taste of the coastline with its subtle saltiness. A good Juniper flavour with added fruitiness from Blaeberry. A gin that takes you on a real Journey – read the full review here.


img_elgin2Working for a Scottish company, I have heard Elgin pronounced El-Gin many times, so what better then an actual Gin from Elgin named El:Gin. The use of Scottish Oats in this gin add a unique creaminess, or try out their Gin:Gle Gin – yet another must try for any Gin Lover, you can read the full review here


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