Food Tourist – Hip Hop Chip Shop, Manchester

The hip hop chip shop started life as street food stall – serving up an abundance of delights from their beat box styled van.

It wasn’t long before people were talking about their fabulous fish and chips, along with some of their other delights, leading them to win street food trader of the year in 2017 at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival.

Having tasted the ‘indoors’ with a stint at ‘The Kitchens’ in Spinningfields, Jonathan, Luke and Holly then set up a month long pop up on my doorstep at Bistro 1116 on Chester Road in Stretford in conjunction with their usual street food spot at Media City.

During that pop up, we visited the Bistro 1116 more than once, feasting on Feastie Boys and Vegan Sausages plus a few deserts, which consisted of deep fried chocolate bars!

During the visits we were told of their plans to open a permanent restaurant in the now ‘hip’ district of Ancoats.

Following a crowdfunding operation, they have now finally opened their doors. So utilising the crowd funding donation made a short while back, we headed down to Ancoats to see how their unique theme had transferred into their new home.

A flash new sign outside led the way into a small but cosy restaurant area. The familiar speakers and wall art definitely shouted their 80’s retro theme.

The windows are aligned with the spines of Tape Cassette cases, although I did wonder if they were actually CD’s.

The menu was familiar and again I couldn’t resist a Feastie Boys – with a helping of their Gravy, which is a treat in itself.

Whilst I headed straight for this dish, I was really tempted by their Pie of the Week – which this week was a Steak and Ale Pie, which from what I saw on other tables looked beautiful.

India opted for the Vegan Sausage – something she choose once before, not because she’s vegan or even vegetarian but was tempted none the same. As someone that would usually run away from any kind of dish that didn’t contain meat, it really says something that she has gone for this dish around 4 times now!

Chips at the Hip Hop Chip Ship are just out of this world – thick cut with skin on, they are crispy and full of flavour.

Fish is tender and juicy, with a crisp batter that is far from greasy.

I am actually not a fish and chip fan, shying away from greasy bags of soggy chips and batter oozing of fat – this however is one fish and chips that I keep returning to.

As always, India devoured the vegan sausage before I got to try any – I wonder what they put in it to make her love to so much!!

One disappointment is the lack of those amazing deep fried chocolate bars!! We were previously told they wouldn’t be selling them due to the mess they make of the fryers – I think maybe a small home style fryer should be invested in so these amazing wonders can be started again.

When eating out, the food is only half the story, with the service playing a major part in dining experience.

I am pleased to say, that we have never had bad service, in fact it has always been out of the world friendly. I am pleased that this trip was no exception. The new server was full of energy and charisma, having us in laughter more than once.

With this area hosting some great restaurants including SUGO, Canto and Mana it is fast becoming a foodie destination. The Hip Hop Chip Shop offers up a casual dining experience that delights the senses.


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