Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur – Magic Or Myth

There’s so much debate right now as to when is a Gin actually Gin.

With there being so many companies, jumping onto the Gin bandwagon, there has been a flooding of flavoured gins and gin liqueurs.

I personally have no issue with any of these, however I do believe that you should be getting what you think your getting and that’s where proper labelling comes in.

For example, there are some great flavoured gins on the market and lets be honest – all gins are flavoured gins, with the botanicals primarily used to make a bad tasting alcohol solution taste pleasant – so while it must contain the basic elements of gin, what else goes in is up-to the maker, if that be fruits, then why not, its what makes a Gin unique and different.

I do like to feel the Gin and its origins though. I like to taste where the Gin has come from, something that many Scottish Gin producers are doing incredibly well, but also the likes of Forest Gin in Macclesfield. With small batch gins putting love and passion into what they do, so much more so then those that buy in a mass produced gin and add a teabag to infuse flavours.

But I also feel a bit cheated by a ‘Gin’ which has an alcohol content of 20%

Again, that’s not to say that there isn’t a place for these lower percentage ‘Gin Liqueurs’ – but lets not start calling them Gin’s, when clearly they are not.

So what about THIS Gin Liqueur that comes in at a whopping 40% proof?1

Unicorn Tears is apparently made by force feeding unicorns the botanicals and then capturing their tears, which sounds a little barbaric as a gift idea for a unicorn lover?!

It is in fact a Gin Spirit, with added edible glitter and sugar.

On my first tasting, which I always do neat on its own, it packs a real punch on the nose, the juniper is clearly visible, but not much else besides the alcohol. On the tongue it it much of the same, but now with a real sugary hit.

The drink is quite syrup like and of course glittery, I tried pairing with a number of mixers but struggled.

I think it fitted best with a Fever-Tree Aromatic – which ended up with a sweet, glittery and pink drink – not one that a Gin Lover would enjoy, but maybe a non gin drinker that usually likes a sweet drink may enjoy.

Yes it looks pretty and makes a novelty gift idea, unfortunately that is all – one for me to offer out during summer BBQ’s maybe!


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