Gin of the Month – Firkin Red Wine Cask Gin

Each month I try and review a number of gins, some good and some not so good. However I also try and find at least one gin that wins my Gin of the Month.

For March that goes to Firkin Gin for their unique and flavoursome Red Wine Cask Gin.

Firkin produce a number of gins which start life as their ‘Try me Naked‘ Gin – some are then turned into special gins including some very special cask aged gins which are produced in very small batches of around 250 bottles – each then hand filled and corked, making each batch unique – one such special edition is their Islay Cask Aged Firkin Gin.

Gins that have been aged in casks start to take on an almost whisky like colour and flavour, with the intensity being dependant on the length of time its aged.

Gins don’t have to sit in barrels for any length of time as a whisky would, however even a relative short ageing helps to give it flavours of Caramel, Oak and smoke, which are not usually associated with Gin.

Much of the flavour in these gins also depends on what the barrels and previously been used for, so as a red wine lover – a Red Wine Cask Gin sounded perfect.

The gin immediately has a nose of whisky but much more subtle in the palette, with hints of red wine coming through in both the taste and colour.

This gin is perfect served on its own over ice or equally served with tonic – I enjoyed it with the slight sweetness of Fever-Tree Elderflower or Mediterranean.

You can read more about Firkins special gins including their limited editions here.


All Gins featured as Gin Of The Month have been selected by manchesterfoodtourist from a number of Gins that have been sent for review. Producers and Retailers have no input into the post, with all opinions being honest and impartial.

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