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When I heard that Honest Burger would be opening in Manchester, I couldn’t be happier.

There is nothing better then a juicy burger cooked to perfection… perfection for me would be medium rare.

Unfortunately due to health and safety, medium rare burgers are not permitted by the Food Standards Agency, unless you have specific approval. This approval consists of being able to prove that the meat being supplied to produce the burgers meets strict guidelines, this is in order to minimise the risk of harmful bacteria being left in the middle of the burger.

You see the added problem with having any normally produced burger rare, is that unlike a steak, which can be seared on the outside to kill the bacteria, burgers have been ground up and all the bacteria on the surface is mixed in with the meat, including in the centre.

Honest ensure that their burgers are produced in a manner that helps to minimise the bacteria – for starters, they even own there own butchers, where burgers are made in a refrigerated environment and meat is finely chopped rather than minced, thus enabling you to enjoy their burgers at there very best.

Their newest establishment is located within the Manchester Hall building previously home to Garage Bar and also home to the recently opened Dishoom Restaurant and it is here that we ventured to try them out for ourselves.

The menu is predominately made up of various burgers (as you would expect), with a few other options including chicken wings and onion rings.

I opted for their Manchester Special – a burger that is only available at this one branch, and designed to highlight some of the best that Manchester has to offer.

The Manchester served with Rosemary Fries

An Honest patty is complimented by some Bury Black Pudding, Runaway Beer and Cheese Sauce, Mini Roasties, Bacon Gravy and Rocket.

The pink cooked burger was succulent, melt in the mouth and full of flavour, the Black Pudding added a depth of flavour as did the Cheese, Chips and Gravy combo.

The Joys of a great burger cooked Med Rare

All the burgers are served with rosemary fries, again these are bursting with flavour and very addictive.

I enjoyed every last crumb of this burger and there isn’t a lot that I could say to try and make it better – except maybe more of the gravy!

Extra Bacon Gravy is a must to dip chips in

The bacon gravy that is contained within this little gem is also available as a side dish – do yourself a favour and order it.

A rich and glossy gravy, the bacon flavour really shines through and adds a extra punch, perfect for dipping your chips in.

As well as this special, they are also currently offering The Spring Special – this contains Montgomery Chedder, Organic Wiltshire Bacon and a Wild Garlic Pesto.

Honest Burgers are open now at 36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT – so what are you waiting for.


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  1. Sounds wonderful! I’ll be in Manchester later this year, definitely heading there, great post!

  2. […] But it’s not just dinner that is the pull to this delight, which is set in the old Masons Hall that is now home to a few restaurants including Dishoom and the newly opened Honest Burger. […]

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