Gin of the Month (May) – Boadicea Rosa

This month Gin of the Month comes from Steph and Matt from Wild Knight Distillery.

It’s been a fair few years now that I first came across Wild Knight Vodka, the first venture into spirits for the duo. Their spirit was clean crisp and everything that you wanted from a sipping vodka, its now my go to and a perfect base for my espresso martini’s.

When they messaged me to let me know that they were venturing into Gin, I knew it would be a winner.

Boadicea Gin was born. Keeping in line with the ‘Wild Knight’ theme, the couple decided to base their gin story on the Iceni Warrior Queen who ruled the area which is now Norfolk, the home of Wild Knight Distillery.

I was right on the expectations I had for their gin which I have reviewed previously here.

Boadicea in Original, Rosa and Winter varieties

Later came a Caramelised Vodka called Nelson’s Gold (Amazing added into the Espresso Martini), then a Winter Special Gin with a hint of warming spice and now, their 5th Spirit since starting up, they have launched Rosa (A pink Gin)

Now I have to confess, that I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to a Pink Gin and prefer it to be a ‘Proper’ Gin with some bitters added rather than the abundance of fruit flavour gins that have started to flood the market.

But having said that, I have been more pleased by the introduction of some pink themed gins, that have tried to restore faith by producing a great tasting, juniper lead gin that has a slight pink colour, for example the Pinot Noir Gin from Chapel Down that I reviewed a few weeks back.

As if I could ever have had a doubt that Steph and Matt would let me down with their ‘Pink’ version.

Being told that the botanicals contained Peach and Cherry, I opened the bottle and expected a sweet hit, instead what I received was a real subtle and classy floral nose almost of rose itself, but with the juniper being at the forefront.

The colour is indeed pink and their decision to use a frosted glass bottle really shows this off.

On tasting you again get the great taste of juniper which is so important, but what stands out is the slight sweetness from the peach making this gin very soft and easy to sip, you may even forget that it sits at 40% abv.

The finish is long and the cherry lingers, it really is a gin perfect for sipping, however that’s not everyone’s idea of fun I know, so how does it work with a mixer.

I first try the gin with a little light tonic as always and this livens up the fruit a little further, this is defiantly a pink gin that will will hearts and minds of the real gin lover and the fruity brigade alike.

The recommended serve is 50ml with a Merchants Heart Hibiscus Tonic, so it give it a go.

The Hibiscus works really well with this gin and I also add in a few more rose petals to enhance that initial nose. A summer G&T that you could enjoy throughout the day.

I have played around with a few of Wild Knight Distillery products previously including the Vodka, Nelson’s Gold in my Espresso Martini or topped with champagne, now named the Millionaires Gold and this gin also is great to experiment with.

It works great with champagne and fruity syrup including their recommended Rose Syrup, or how about Rosa, English Sparkling Wine and Cherry Syrup.


Boadicea Gin was sent to me to try and review. All features on Manchester Food Tourist including Gin of the Month are independent and honest reviews with no outside input.


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