Food Tourist:- New Summer Menu at Lunya Manchester

After the last few days, no one in Manchester could deny the fact that summer is clearly on its way.

As we strolled along Deansgate, the sun was beaming down, this was perfect timing to try out some of the fantastic new dishes that Lunya were placing on their menu for the summer.

Lunya is one of three babies belonging to Peter and Elaine Kinsella, with one in Manchester and the other two being found just along the M62 in Liverpool.

Peter and Elaine are both very passionate about the food and take regular trips over to source the very best that Spain, in particular the Catalan region, has to offer.

With summer well on its way, now was the ideal time for them to give their already great menu a slight change and so with a vermouth in hand, we head up to the restaurant to see what they have in store.

First out is one of Lunya’s staples, a gorgeous tomato spread onto bread sourced directly from Spain.

Next came Iberico Pork Ribs. Everyone knows that Iberico Pork is stunning and these ribs are no exception. They are slow cooked and so the meat just falls off the bone, they are melt in the mouth wonders. The glaze that contains tamarind and fennel was sweet and stick and so so tasty.

Next up came the Suquet, an authentic Catalan Fish Stew. The mussels were displayed in the bowl like a work of art, they are cooked in white wine, saffron, tomatoes and parsley.

The Pork Belly came out, and again the plate was just gorgeous to look at. Themed as a Catalan Surf and Turf, the pork is slow cooked in a langoustine bisque and served with a red prawn, these flavours worked so well together and was one of my favourite dishes

Roasted Cauliflower (Coliflor) was dusted with Za’tar and served with pickled shallots, almond satay and coriander, middle east meets spanish. A dish that clearly stems back to Moorish times.

Seafood continued with the Fideua, similar to a Paella  but made with Fideo Noodles instead, this came cooked in squid ink, calamari and red chillies or as a vegetable version that used Saffron instead of the squid ink.

Dishes for Vegetarians and Vegans didn’t stop there, a Cocido de Verduras. This is a Spanish Stew made with White beans, peas, spinach, mint and hazelnuts.

Courgette and Garrotxa Frituras was another of my favourites, Light and fluffy fritter made with a gorgeous Catalan Goats Cheese and served on a bed of minted yogurt.

Already I’m feeling stuffed and struck by just how great this dishes are, but the food just keeps coming.

The final dish I tried was the Bacalao, a dish I’m ultra familiar with after living in Portugal, and there’s did not disappoint. Soft and succulant pan fried salt cod served on a pea puree and toped with crispy Serrano Ham

The dishes were all made with passion as they always are.

You can try these and other dishes out at Lunya Manchester straight away, so dig out the sunglasses and summer clothes – summer is here, and you’ll find it at Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Manchester.


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