Product Review – Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil

There are many things that you can find in my kitchen, such as wine, spices and a variety of different oils.

The oils you use in your cooking can have a massive impact on the finished dish and there is definitely no one size fits all solution.

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils can work wonders on Pasta Dishes or for dipping, but they have their downfalls.

The biggest problem with Olive Oil comes when cooking at higher temperatures, with a fairly low smoking point, they do not work well with high temperature cooking such as roasting and its for this reason that I always keep at least one vegetable oil to hand.

Over the last few years I have started to shy away from Sunflower Oils and have embracing the wonders of Rapeseed.

Rapeseed or Canola Oil is produced form the plant of the same name, seen in fields all over the country, this was once used purely as a break crop by a small number of farmers, but as its popularity has grown so has the number of growers.

Rapeseed is a great all purpose oil, however mass produced varieties can lack flavour and character, these are mainly only good for frying. Thankfully however, when treated properly and with care, it can produce some stunning oils.

The rise in popularity has come about from its health benefits over other oils as well as its high smoke point. It has less than half the saturated fat and 10 times more Omega 3 than Olive Oil as well as being a great source of Vitamin E.

Farrington Oils produce their Rapeseed Oil, named Mellow Yellow, at Bottom Farm in Northamptonshire. They were the first seed to bottle, cold pressed rapeseed oil producers and ensure that they use sustainable farming methods, with a crop rotation throughout the year. The slow pressing of the seeds helps to ensure it keeps its character, flavour and golden colour.

Taste wise, on its own the oil is warming with a real nutty flavour, beautiful on bread or as a dip.

Whilst dipping away my bread I decided to try it out as a completely different dip. Taking some Chick Peas, Garlic, Lemon and Roasted Garlic, I mixed the ingredients with some of the Mellow Yellow and blended to produce the most gorgeous and full of flavour Hummus.

I’m snacking away as it is so irresistible and I soon realise I need more bread – yet something else to try it with.

The white loaf I made with 2 tablespoons of Mellow Yellow added came out as a tasty loaf of bread, again with an added element of flavour. So far so good with this wonder oil.

It’s not long before I start to use it as my main go to oil, perfect to use when starting off a curry by frying off Chilli, Garlic and Ginger.

Resulting in a great tasting home made Chicken Curry

And then the ultimate test for any oil – Roast Potatoes. For this I simply par-boil some potatoes and place them in a roasting tin that has been liberally drizzled with the oil.

Placing in the oven for around 25 mins brought out potatoes that were soft in the middle yet crispy and dry on the outside – sprinkled with salt and smoked paprika these were devoured as a snack – yet another winner.

I have been using Mellow Yellow Rapeseed oil for a few weeks now And the result is:-

I’m not ready to go down to just one oil. I feel a good Olive Oil that I have from Puglia is perfect for drizzling over Pasta, Spanish Oil is great on Tomato Bed or the Greek Kalamata Olive Oil gives an authenticity to feta, but.. and it’s a good but…. all my other oils aren’t needed.

Mellow Yellow has become my everyday go to Oil for everyday tasks, as well as being great on its own.


Mellow Yellow was sent to me to review free of charge. The review and all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest. No input was granted by Farrington Oils




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